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 Ueno Park (West side bench of a Large fountain)

 The bench of the Ueno Park large fountain west side had become a new model unawares.
 However, as a bench installed in the park, it is the
badness of unprecedented comfortableness in history.
  Because, although a back reclining part is perpendicular, the field (seat) which sits has inclined forward.
 It can presume easily why the bench of such a design was adopted.
 It is a measure against the homeless.

 The park management office developed "Lying-down sleep full prevention bench
" that much homeless who lie down on a bench should be eliminated.
 Although it is childish if it says well that it is childish, it may be unavoidable, if surely it is almost occupied in many cases by the homeless and the surrounding bench of a fountain also considers a general user's thing.
 However, what was necessary was just to have made it the movable formula so that Japan's might revive to prosperity, the seat of that bench inclining forward might become the ground and parallel at least on the day when homeless gentlemen decreased in number from Ueno Park, and the angle of a seat could be adjusted.
 At an angle of the back reclining part of a bench, and a seat, if the right and wrong of business of Japan are known at a glance, it will be having become a thing like the famous place by it.
 Furthermore, if it adds, the handrail is prepared in the middle of a bench by the same reason as the above. After this, sweethearts cannot sit down, being unable to contact the body.
"The form of love also changes with a time"!?

6/13 @Harumi-Huto wharf

 I carried out to coverage to Harumi. I wanted to photograph the gray sea of a harbor of Tokyo in which the rainy season began.
 Unexpectedly, the sky remained in the impression rather than the sea surface.

By the first time in what year it is, it merely continued looking at the sky.

Although Harumi after relocation in the "International trade fair hall" had the deserted admiration, the atmosphere of an original wharf returned and I was comfortable.

6/20 Shiba [Netherlands embassy and its neighborhood]

Hydrangea ! Hydrangea! full bloom!!
Netherlands embassy !!!
My mother lived the infancy term - girl term by "Shiba ."
She always says. "Although it was a downtown area, there was Netherlands legation (that time) in the reverse side of a dwelling, and it was a good place."
 Although the neighborhood of present Minato-ku would be the so-called "downtown area" "It is an embassy to a downtown area" was mysterious to me.
 I looked up the "Netherlands embassy" on the map, acquired the information that the neighboring house of the house in which a mother's parents lived was the rice shop of the name of "Harada", and went out for inquiry.

[A] The Netherlands embassy [B] Rice shop "Harada"

 From a map, although the place where what I actually visited and understood is considered to be the Netherlands embassy and once "Harada rice store" seems to adjoin, it is that about about 15m height difference is among both (almost perpendicular cliff).
 The height difference had become the difference a "uptown" and a "downtown area." The phenomenon of a "grass" no one but with many hills is seemed.

 Although it is area nature, the dwelling of various kinds is also intermingled near this now.
 The turn of the house in which I want to live is "F-B-C-A-E-D."
[C] Russian restaurant "Volga"
It is not a Mad Scientist's mansion.

[D] The popular skyscraper which is not interesting

[E] Dilapidated house. [F] A moderate wooden house

 My mother suffered a great deal of damage by the Tokyo massive air raid on March 10, 1945 of the U.S. Forces.
 A dwelling is burned down although all families' life was saved. It depended for the relative and emigrated to "Asagaya" of the suburbs.
 According to her word "There is also sadness in which the little girl (3 years old) whom the mother of the daughter of a Harada rice shop was loving then died in the flames, and it does not become the feeling which visits Shiba. It is what has not been returned for 58 years since the occurrence."

6/27   Shiba 2

Shiba-Daijingu Shrine

 Shiba-Daijingu Shrine exists in the middle in Zojo-ji from JR Hamamatsucho. There is popularity deep-rooted as an object of faith of people.
 The wooden house near a shrine is also good touch in the air of an old downtown area.

The wooden private house near Shiba-Daijingu Shrine

[G] Shiba-Daijingu Shrine Guardian lion-dogs (stone) The wooden private house near Shiba-Daijingu Shrine

* Refer to the last time for the photograph of A-F.

Seisho-ji temple [H]
 Although it is the temple rebuilt newly, the fountain of the childhood term of Gautama Buddha in the precincts of a temple is cute.


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