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7/6 Ueno park/JR Tokyo station /Shiba park/Hamacho park/Triton Square /Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space front. /Toyama park/Harumi wharf park

The ex post facto report of
"Lying-down sleep full prevention bench" [Ueno park]

"Park Administration office" VS "Homeless." Administrationt office was defeated!

  I have observed the bench of the park of every place since June 5. It has noticed having carried out the work which all lies and is not put to sleep to the bench installed newly.

Shiba park
The armrest was attached to the bench central part. The type seen most frequently.
Hamacho park
Type without a back reclining part.
Triton Square
The seat was made into the loose curved surface
Toyama park
The bench only for one person. If it is "mother and child" - "sweethearts", sitting down by two persons is possible.
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space front
Although it does not know whether this should be called "bench", it can sit down anyhow and can rest.

[Harumi wharf park ]
 When it becomes a present situation, an ordinary bench is visible to a graceful form.

 And I discovered "Ultimate Lying-down sleep full prevention bench" at last. The function or prototype as a chair cannot be felt any longer.
 It is one scenery of present age Japan.

 JR Tokyo station
Marunouchi underground passage
 It is almost the same as leaning against a wall. Now, those who can lie and sleep soundly on this bench do not exist.


7/11 Takeshibs Port Park

 Tokyo is a rainy season now.
 Rain, cloudy , rain, rain, rain, cloudy , rain.
 I carried out to coverage to Takeshiba. With the actually taken photograph, it is dark and does not understand somehow. The characteristic of a digital camera is utilized and luminosity is raised.


[Takeshiba Port Park   Mast Plaza]

 Snail was carrying out extensive generating.
 In the central part of Tokyo, it is an unexpected happening.

7/17   Oku/Kaminakazato

JR Oku Classification yard underpass

 2 chome of Kaminakazato(es) is inserted into the track of a JRKeihin-Tohoku line and a JRUtunomiya/Takasaki line, and they are a place like a sandbank (refer to map).

 Since it is enclosed by the Tabata classification yard of a Keihin-Tohoku line, and the Oku classification yard by the side of a Utunomiya line, it is "Solitary island of land."
The west side of an Oku station does not have an exit for a classification yard.

It comes out of a ticket gate on the east to 2 chome of Kaminakazato(es), and goes to them through a long underground sidewalk (photograph).

This underground passage seems to be a time tunnel.  
When it escapes from the Oku side to the Kaminakazato side, it is a world of the '60s.

Time tunnel exit

 This area is surrounded by the classification yard of a railroad as mentioned above. Variety of trains have stopped on a surrounding track.
 Although I was not a Railway maniac, since it was new scenery, a photograph of a train was taken. My boy who rode the side on the bicycle immediately cried for and passed boos towards me. Have people of the hobby of a Railway maniac always received such persecution?
 Oppressed Railway maniac gentlemen!! Carry out skilled of the photograph which I took .

     Nishigahara   Kyu-furukawa Garden

Kyu-furukawa Garden

Closing day 12 / 29 - 1/1

Opening time 9:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Admission fee 150 yen 65 or more years old - 70 yen

 It is separated from Kyu Furukawa Garden only about 500m with distance in a straight line with "Oku and Kaminakazato".
 This is the fun of Tokyo.
 As a garden, it is the compromise form of a Western style garden and a Japanese style garden.

 However, the main exhibition things of Kyu- Furukawa Garden are "European-style buildings" (photograph of the beginning). Design is Josiah Conder. ["Ikenohata" Reference .]
 "Notes" was put up for the European-style building entrance, and it was in it.

 If you want to inspect "European-style building in these "notes" -- a both-way postcard -- up to the time of the 3rd choice -- writing -- " and "proposing to inspection" -- it is after carrying out and obtaining "permission, is "a wall, a door, or a window not being made "make it " and pay 525 yen apart from garden admission fee money", and to touch", and "forbidding photography", and was written "if those strict observance matters are dissatisfied, it makes it leave at once"

 I made it aghast.

 Moreover, the charge of coffee in this "Coffee shop in the European-style building" is 840 yen. Furthermore, the inside of this teahouse is also as persistent as the ban on photography, and notes had been carried out.

 What is really feared?

 When I stood still aghast at this European-style building entrance, the young couple was hesitating going into a teahouse (photograph). I can understand their feeling. 840 yen is because a beef bowl is a charge for three bowls.
 I concentrate 1000 bicycle boys of Kaminakazato and want to make boos sung in chorus by all the members.


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