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  Ochanomizu   [Kanda-Surugadai]  criminal museum

criminal museum
(inside of a Meiji university)

Admission fee No charge
Closure day Special holiday whicha university sets/ Public / Sunday /National holiday
Opening time AM 10:00 - PM 4:30
It is AM 10:00 - PM 12:30 on Saturday.

The Inner side of  iron Maiden

The Inner side of  Iron Maiden

 I am sure to feel fear normally. However, because the date is not separated after the war happens the other day, my sense seems to have paralyzed. I have felt a certain kind of humour because it visits the exhibit.
 The war is driven mad excluding the person concerned.

                      "It takes two to make a quarrel." Illustration

 Asukayama Park

[ Photo A]  

 Burn! The sun    Play.! Children  Bark! Cicada

*The shortest range, ultra construction, and comparison photograph
East side "Sakura-shinnmichi eating and drinking street" VS west side of Asukayama park"Eiichi Shibusawa memorial Seienbunnko Building"



8/15  Asukayama Park 2

 The cold summer. Today's temperature is 20℃ though the middle of August.
 Several cicadas' desperate cries sounded in the park where I did not hear children's shout of joys. This climate is severe in them though be sure to have tried it to live in the soil, and finally to enjoy a short life on the ground of one week for the period of six years.

 8/25  Sakurashinmachi

Closure day       Monday?

Admission fee
It probably forgot though about 600 yen.

The art museum of Machiko Hasegawa

 The art museum of Machiko Hasegawa which is one of the cartoonists most famous for Japan was performed to coverage.

                                    ..... It was the ban on photography also here.........

 Therefore, it is always alike and becomes a neglectful report this time.

 It took a picture only of externals of the museum for such reasons. I do a partial publishing refusal as a countermeasure.

 It is not posted at the entrance in the Machiko Hasegawa museum, "Taking a picture prohibition in the pavilion". When the entrance ticket price is paid, and enters, the display of "Taking a picture prohibition" is shown. The embarrassed one.
 Taking a picture was a prohibition to "Yumeji Takehisa museum" visited before and the other day's "Inside of the old Iwazaki garden European-style building".

Why? What is feared.
 The writer of stature left a great work. It opens to the public to the civilian even if it privately has it, very small number of people man alone as whom it was chosen does not appreciate, and it is charged and "Culture" is divided each other. Do neither the museum, the material pavilion nor the museum exist for such a purpose?
 However, is the what?"It is a photograph and is not good though shows. It exempts from the photograph though money is gotten. " Attitude. It words it about the person of a special occupation.

 Taking a picture is OK even in the national treasure of National Museum.
 By the way, taking a picture is OK in each art and the museum of "Museum of modern art in New York", "Orsay museum in Paris", "British Museum in London", and "Osamu Tezuka memorial in the Takarazuka city in Japan" that I actually visited.

 If an unjust thing "Taking a picture prohibition" is forced on the visitor, it is necessary to make it to "Walking prohibition of two" or "If it does not keep playing the harmonica wearing the panty hose from the head, leave it at once" or "The sardine is packed in the nose and ears throat and if the hula is not danced, prohibit it entrance" rather.

 It expects it of mental growth of library personnel various of "Taking a
picture prohibition museum and museum in the pavilion".
 In the route of the road where it went from the Sakurashinmachi station to the Machiko Hasegawa museum, characters of the cartoon of Machiko Hasegawa met and it existed.


 When I saw the bypath returning from the museum by chance, the girl attendant who appeared to the cartoon of Machiko Hasegawa in the interior of the alley was doing the soap bubbles play.
 Even this girl's child's child's child's generation wishes me the thing that peace in Japan continues.

 Schwarzenegger was walking.


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