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Nihonbashi  Bank of Japan/Currency Museum/Tokiwabashi-Park

'The scenery which Kabuki-kun is in'

Bank of Japan central portal  

Currency Museum
 Currency Museum is next to the Bank of Japan (on the south). Money of all ages and countries is displayed, and it is interesting. It is the cause by which various slap stick comedies happened.

100 trillion marks !!!
(It was published under the inflation of Germany after the First World War)

Tokiwabashi-Park(The Remains of Tokiwabashi Bridge)
 The west side of the Bank of Japan is a Tokiwabashi park.
 Once, this was the front of Edo castle and was an important base (150 years before).
 There is no image of the prosperity of old times now. "Progress of time" is uncanny.
 "Present age economy top priority civilization" follows the same way someday.

5/26  Yumeno-shima

       Bottle brush ! Bottle brush ! full bloom!!

                 Yumeno-shima Park!!!

I looked at the flower of such a form for the first time. This flower is in bloom in front of the ticket counter of a Yumeno-sima tropical plant garden. Poppy is also in full bloom.

Exhibit House of the 5th Hukuryu-maru
"The 5th Hukuryu-maru" contaminated by the U.S. H-bomb test in the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1954 in Yumenoshima Park is exhibited.

# The hydrogen bomb used for the experiment in the Bikini Atoll is about 1000 times as much destructive power as the Hiroshima type atomic bomb.

# A bomb name is "Bravo"

# If it was a floatplane, the U.S. Forces after an experiment were 30 minutes per hour, and although they have rescued people who are living on the island, they left it in the inside where a fallout falls for 48 hours to 76 hours. It is for a human body experiment.

# The nuclear test in the Bikini Atoll was totaled and was conducted 67 times.

---------As mentioned above, inside a hall data.

  The 1,200,000 people antinuclear demonstration of New York in 1982.
 Although it was the disreputable United States recently, only 20 years ago, honest human being also existed mostly.

 It can wake up and is the United States! Senses can be regained and it is the United States! They are American good sense people enduringly!!



 Ningyocho and Hamacho were performed to coverage.
It is a mistake if it has described ", as for Hamacho and Ningyocho, the rows of houses of old Japan remain" to the tourist guidebook which you own.
 Now, there are no once rows of houses. A building is located in a line and many cars run. It is the scenery of the city in Japan which it is also in where. There is no how to carry out introduction which is not a Japanese garden even in a Hamacho park.

See and be convinced to a photograph.

 The Japanese emotion of old times was in only the subway station. ( Subways Asakusa Line    Ningyocho station concourse)



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