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10/3   Shibuya [ Sakuraokacho ]  Reporter: Japanese Takahasi
(including photos)

 Shibuya is "109 tenant complex (There are quietly 107). " in " Central-gai [Central street]" The emotion etc. are "Frank town of the desire bare" without relationHowever, they are central street sides of "Hachi-koh ticket gate". I want to introduce the surrounding of "Sakuragaoka-cho town" located on the other side.

       It does business to 24:00. Convenient wardrobe dealer "107"

 The Sakuragaoka-cho town there when going out of the JR Shibuya station south exit, and crossing the pedestrian bridge where the 246th in national road line is stepped over.
 The slope where "Cherry blossoms in the evening" is very beautiful is here at the season of cherry blossoms of the name "Sakura-dori (Sakura-dori street)". And, there is den "Animate" of culture of which Japan boasts to the world and "Manga (cartoon)" in the right side when beginning to go up on this slope. After that, there is movie theater "Eurospace" in the second floor of this building.

Sakura-dori street Sakura-dori street
animate Eurospace

 And, there are a lot of restaurants of the region around here, and the name of of the recommendation of me this time shop is "SYOKUDOH'Kaido'" business hours AM 11:00- PM 11:00. )

 When I go to this restaurant for 20 years or more, I am order always as for "Chuka-don[Chinese bowl ]" (with soup 500 yen of excluding tax). It was not allowed to eat only "Chuka-don" even if the friend was invited.
 Am I a fascist?
 There are "Ippudo" A and B shop on the opposite side of this shop. ("Masami Tsuchiya" of guitar list of last tour of active 'Japan' 80's in Japan and Britain . gift shop which became origin of name of band "Ippudo" to which he was on the register)"State of Little Akihabara as it were. " in the store.

B shop is a side toward.   

 It will arrive at "Daikanyama" in about ten minutes if walking straight along the railway track. There is "Wooden Japanese house" if walking in the alley.

 "My Feibarit"

 This "Favorite of me" is not Shibuya. "Chukadon Chinese bowl of Kaido. "

10/10 Shinbasi   Vicinity of shinbashi-4chome 
Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
including Photograph and scribbling)

 The japanese-style confection of terrible naming "Seppuku-Monaka [Harakiri cake]" is sold in the tuck shop which is according to Akarenga-dori of Shinbashi.

Japanese-style confection shop Sinseido
Seppuku-Monaka [Harakiri cake] Seppuku-Monaka [Harakiri cake] Seppuku-Monaka [Harakiri cake]
Sectional view

 It went to buy Harakiri cake because I had come to want the sweet one the other day. It moved to the place where the shop parted about 20m from the Akarenga-dori street. When the reason for the move was asked to the clerk, the thing with "The shop of former was moved because it had been specified for the redevelopment region".
 I felt angry in the word "Redevelopment". If the vicinity of the shop is deliberately looked about, it is indeed becoming "Clearout → land with a cleared surface making".

Redevelopment business site-The entry is forbidden. -Redevelopment secondarily in Tokyo office
....... This area is also "redevelopment."

  [Redevelopment business site-The entry is forbidden. -Redevelopment secondarily in Tokyo office]

 Language of a curse of an evil spirit.

 Some photographs were taken, in order that it might make it record, since the whole of this area will become a vacant lot. It is the regrettable scenery which is abolished for all "man is living."

Shinbashi  Yanagi-dori street It inclines as the utility pole draws close to the road sign.

Jungle of the second floor

 This shop, the house, and that street disappear like magic.

 Although the skyscraper which is not interesting is built at any rate and a "modern" store will be made, are there a capitalist and a manager with guts named "KUROMBO" in the store?

 It is the another name of a black race as "Kuronbo." Japanese people have respected the black race from ancient times.

 I walked to take a picture of the town. The bulletin board by which the administration of
Tokyo had explained the redevelopment was discovered.

 It was written that not the skyscraper but the road was constructed in the notice. Width is about 40m to the development site, and the total length is 1.35 kilometers. It was because the clearout of the house in the broad area was being executed.
The skyscraper is not constructed but the road seems to be constructed. It is likely to become the shelter road of a large earthquake of the forecast of coming without fail some time. Is "Redevelopment" unavoidable?

 Thus, I allowed Tokyo governor though I became the expression of sulky homeless cat (Refer to figure A) or "Connection twist perplexity eyebrow" (Refer to figure B・C).

One-rotation perplexity eyebrow closeup

10/17 Tabata Reporter: Rustle Nagayama
(including photos)


 When it comes out of the north exit of a JR Tabata station and you walk in the direction of the left, the signboard a "tropical fish Tokyo aquarium" is visible to the direction on a look. Although it will be surprised in "Whether the aquarium exists in Tabata", in fact, this is the wholesale store of tropical fish.

 I often use this building. The room of the fourth floor of this building is rented only 1 day at one week, in order to practice theater. I have not met a janitor. A janitor and I only talked by telephone at the time of a contract. A janitor says, "Put rental fee money into an envelope and put it on the room." What does he fear?

 It is said that the mascot of the town in Tabata is a kappa (water demon). Is a kappa tradition in Tabata? My search for a kappa started. -- It is absent. There is no kappa anywhere.

 Although the kappa was not found, there were many stores which have stopped business.

 "A massage for 65 or more years old." A 64-year-old old man cannot fulfill the wish, even if it requests hard, saying "give me a massage."

  The menu put up in front of the tavern of one house. It was written to it as "UFO raising."

 "Kappa", "UFO", "Janitor who does not appear". Tabata is the "mystery zone" where our idea does not reach.

10/24  Asakusa  Sensoji temple Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
including Photos)


 ―――Asakusa-Okuyama. The name of the pleasure-resort in the northwest part region in a past Sensoji temple by about 150 years. The event which reproduces Okuyama until November 16 is held.
 There is "Monster theater" in the corner. The guest pays the admission fee the fraud because it is cheated. And, it enjoys the cheated thing.
 Those who explain the guide about "Show" threaten the spectator , saying that verge which goes out of the hut and "Do not speak the truth!!". The spectator laughs. The sensibility of "Iki=Chic" that only the Japanese will understand.
 The admission fee of 100 yen does not uselessly become it even if paying (Though
there is a possibility of uselessness).

 "Okuyama reproduction event" and time were done similarly and the light up of Sensou-ji Temple started, too. (The light lighting time from the sunset to 11:00PM. )The thing that the service of light up will be continued for 10years in the future though the event of "Asakusa-Okuyama" ends on 16 days November.
 The big present from "Asakusa sightseeing league".


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