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11/3@@Kichijoji Reporter: Rhonin Asakura
( including photos

 For "WEEKLY TOKYO" of this week, Rhonin Asakura is first charge.

 Although rice this year was bad harvest, a freshman is nice too. By the way, if it is usually called rice reaping, there is an image which mows the rice which became yellow. That is, a rice field carries out water discharge two weeks or more ago, and a harvest is gathered after killing a rice completely. However, does it know that this method is a foul in fact? Since nourishment cannot be accumulated to an ear any more if a rice withers, until just before mowing in fact, water should be filled, and a rice should be employed efficiently. Then, some reasons for making the ear of rice into being weather-beaten in the state where it withered, two weeks or more think that the question ? will come out. If it says quickly, in the paddy field cultivated deeply, it will be the convenience of the simple "machine" of since the wheel of a combine sinks. As a result of thinking for productivity first, it consisted of a taste of rice so. A rice field is dried over two weeks or more, and a combine is mobilized after that.

 Don't I wish to consume not the rice of such economic efficiency top priority but the rice which continued growth until just before mowing, since it may be somewhat high? In fact, it becomes earnest, and if it searches, cannot be, for example, it can get in the "natural house" of Kichijoji (it has not always placed). Since the rice field which is making this rice is hardly cultivated, the wheel of a combine is not buried even if it has filled water immediately before. Since the stump is still valid after cutting a rice to it, water is filled again and winter is made to spend. Since the birds which a stump etc. rots in the meantime, it becomes nourishment, and an alga and a microbe breed, and make small fish, a aquatic insect, and them food also increase in number, it is suitable for non-[ agrochemical-free ] chemical fertilizer cultivation.

 Well, Rhonin Asakura of me is a vegetarian of 30 years. The Europe and America people is not unusual though it is regarded as a curiosity in Japan. The egg vegetarian and the fish which eats only the egg have the kind such as the fish vegetarians of OK most by the Europe and America vegetarian. The animal proteins of those who complete live on vegetables by the refusal of all as are called Vegan (vegan), and are as indeed in the minority as that of me. Limit, and the one this is "Natural house" and [ Map A] in shop to which I go to procure food because of such a restriction.

 One more house is introduced. "Miuraya" in the place near a station [Map B]. The bean paste of the name of "Tengaiten" is sold there. The explanatory note of a label. "It is the bean paste which the Japanese bean paste craftsman adhered to the material and the process, and was bean paste scrupulous and made them in Mongolian's rich Nature. The soybean raised with no agrochemicals, rice, and natural halite are used. Taste and flavor of the genuine article which the stubborn craftsman wanted to build and was not able to be built"It is presumed that it is because air is beautiful although it does not understand why the taste becomes it nice to build with Mongolian. There are only only two stores which I can use by Kichijoji with many grocery stores.

NOVA Geos Mormon Church

 However, neither you Kichijoji is not nor towns in a food shop and dress goods shop alone though it is natural. I visit many times for the study of English conversation on the week. First of all, there is gNOVA" Kichijoji around the station, and rival's "Geos" is branch shop to facing of "Ohtsuka furniture". Being necessary to pay is reluctant though it passed to my Geos and NOVA. considerable tuition (about 4000yen an one hour)However, the free English conversation class is very done in Mormon Church (saint Jesus Christ church of the end) near a natural house [ map C]. There is of course no what from Haishin is compelled to Mormonism at all. The American missionary teaches English conversation for two hours in the volunteer work at from 7:00PM on Thursdays. When I went the other day, Hallowe'en Party was done by chance. However, all liquors become the toasts by the root beer of an orange juice or an alcoholic pulling out in this church because the prohibition.

Mormon Church entrance
With the Mormonism missionary

 As mentioned above, it was the report of Rhonin Asakura which goes to Kichijoji 3 times per week for food supply and English-conversation study.

11/8   Jingu-Gaien Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

[ Photograph A]

 It is the life which its wish does not realize.
 It was presumed that the ginkgo roadside trees of Jingu-gaien would be yellow leaves, and went to cover because November had come. However, the leaf of the ginkgo was still green. [ Photograph A]

 I searched walking in Jingu-gaien and the surroundings. And, the area which had to be reported to the reader was discovered

 In the east side of Jingu-gaien, there is an under metropolitan management apartment. In addition, there is Akasaka-goyochi of a vast area where the royalty lives in the east side. The under metropolitan management apartment is built in little land. [Photograph B]

[ Photograph B]      

 In this area, there is a Shinto shrine with these four shops besides the under
metropolitan management apartment. (One block along the line of the Main Street the 246th in the national road is
excluded. )
 Four shops are "Rice store", "Tofu seller", "Tuck shop", and "Movable greengrocer who used the car. "

Shinto shrine                                      Miyazaki Rice store
                        Yoshinoya Tofu seller                     Movable greengrocer

This suggests profundity the truth. In a word, "The town is approved if there are a rice store, a tofu seller, a greengrocer, a confectionery, and a Shinto shrine. "
Life is a thing of possible in the Japanese if there is "Rice store, tofu seller, greengrocer,
confectionery, and Shinto shrine"
if it paraphrases it.

The Chinese cuisine shop which had done business to the evidence in the vicinity in the tuck shop had already given up one's business. The economy of Japan is a recession now. The Chinese cuisine shop came off from the component of necessary a minimum of which composed the town.

Chinese cuisine shop (left) which stopped business.  The right is a tuck shop under business toward.

11/14@ Shinbashi Reporter: Hastle Kitamura
( including photos


ShinbashiShinjuku3Kanda notes2

 Editorial department notes

It is the shop front of a photograph of what or the buckwheat noodle shop which is near the exit of a JR Shinbashi station here although it is unclear. (Refer to the photograph below. )

Kanda has not been covered in this homepage. So, the talented idea which expressed the impression of a town by the formula is meaningless. Furthermore, since those who know Kanda and do not know Shinbashi are very rare, it is doubly meaningless.

11/21   Senzoku  Ohtori-Jinja Shrine@ Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

Kumadeno Tekara Tameiki Moreta
                  Anata Sennai Otorisama

[ "DODOITU" is traditional Japanese 26 tone poem.]

A sweetheart's (man) sigh was able to be heard from the crevice between "bamboo rake." A fortune next year is wished and there is no worth which came for the prayer to "Otorisama" by two persons.

"Otorisama" was originally a festival of Ohtori-jinja Shrine. However, the large sales market of "Bamboo rake with the decoration of the good luck talisman" now.

The garbage control car had been stopping as shown in in front of the Shinto shrine. Last year's bamboo rake was collected. Collecting, taking the beautiful part which seems to be able to be used home, and producing it with making by oneself are that the impudent fellow does.

11/28  Yurakucho   Tokyo International Forum Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

"Jintai Plastomic"
Mysterious exhibition of human body

Admission fee /
Adults: \1,500
Junior high & High School Students: \1,000
Elementary Students: \500

Opening time /AM 11:00 - PM 20:00

The 21st century version
Haunted house attraction

P. It was not explained why it was mysterious what anywhere of the hall.

QDThe human body specimen which does this special processing has displayed the disclaimer "Please do not touch the exhibit" to the propaganda leaflet in the hall though wrote, "It is not dirty even if it touches by the person". A swindle act.

3. The inside of the hall is "a ban on photography." If a sponsor wants to educate science, not the ban on photography but a sponsor has to encourage photography.

From the above reason of three points, the conclusion written in the white character of the beginning was reached.

The hole is made in the outside of the wall in the hall at two places. Although only an entrance visitor's figure is in sight in almost all cases, there is a glimpse of an exhibition thing occasionally. Only the idea of this "peephole" deserves praise.


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