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 9/1 Yotsuya S)uku Historical Museum [mapA]
                                                     [Formal name is not announced.]

 From experience of a "MachikoHasegawa art museum" last week, photography (snap) was possible or notes of the bulletin board of an entrance were confirmed.
It checked that there was no item of the ban on photography.


 I checked that there was no problem about photography, and bought the ticket at the museum entrance. I reconfirmed that saw the front reverse side of a ticket and a pamphlet at once, and the prohibition matter about a photograph was not written. I had a camera in one hand and went to the standing exhibition exhibition room. The ticket was passed to the official in charge at the counter in front of an exhibition room. I looked at the wall which is behind an official in charge. There, it was the display of

                             The figure of "Gestalt collapse" [1]

                            The figure of "Gestalt collapse" [2]
                                       The figure of "Gestalt collapse" [3]

 I asked the official in charge who was present in the exhibition room, "Why why why why it the ban on photography?" The mansion member did not reply to my question, but said, "Photography permission will be given to you if it goes to the upper office."

 It is disagreeable to get angry also in me every week.
 The brilliant mushroom was parasitic on the willow which has grown in the front garden of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers and the engineering-works library in Sotobori Park [mapB] of the north side of a JR Yotsuya station. The mushroom softened the heart of why or me.
 Please be regarded and softened.

 9/10 Izu-Oshima

 It will arrive at Izu Oshima in only 1 hour and 45 minutes when it takes the jet ship
from Takeshiba Wharf.

 There are a beautiful black Sand beach and a wide, free campground (establishment rest room/shower).

 *Nodahama beach

 Castaway who is not occasionally beautiful.

 *Toushiki campground

 This volume cannot be up-loaded though it has covered for three years to introduce this island because my incapacity.

 Even the medical herb tea must be waited for patiently while drinking.

9/18  Shioiri /Minani-Senju

 Shioiri which was crowded with wooden superannuation houses. It changed completely by redevelopment, the upper-layers apartment stood close together, and it became a bedroom town near center of Tokyo. The time has not made my sentimentality a partner.

 Redevelopment of a Shioiri area may be were unavoidable on disaster prevention of an earthquake, a fire, etc. However, the town which does not feel "Culture" at all made me feel fear. When thinking that somewhere is resembled, it is Pyongyang in North Korea seen by television news.

Pyongyang? Pyongyang?
Pyongyang?? Pyongyang????
PyongPyongyang????? PyongPyongPyongyang??????

 Only, it does not start development, and only "Zuiko sluice" which started collapsing is old times though it is if specified for the redevelopment region.

 It met school child's scenery of leaving school while covering. In the future, the child who grew up in such a town might become what kind of adult. At least, it does not seem to appear one after another the second Mohammed ant and Mother Teresa. Another kind of again something surely genius might appear. I pray. I pray for not a brutal sex pervert the genius but the thing.

 The road was a dead end when under construction though it tried to go to the riverbank in the
Sumidagawa river. Who made next to the barricade for construction, and there was a hut for the
homeless cat (The plate for food also :).

 If it is now and now, it still does. Before a "Monster" appears, while the feelings of once residents' downtown area remain, the present residents should consider the policy which creates local culture immediately.
 Is it care more in addition?

Minami-senju non-developing area

Town level of  Minami-senju

 Minami-senju of the west side which faced across the track of a JR Jobann line to Shioiri escaped redevelopment, and rows of houses with ancient times remain.


"The person who committed harakiri suicide existed because it was not able to endure the pain in the decayed tooth before. "
The samurai is enshrined to the Shinto shrine.

Minami-senju        Hie Shinto shrine

 To me, the alley of a downtown area is more interesting than a redevelopment upper-layers apartment area.


 If a pink cow appears out of the sea suddenly, it will be surprised also in whom. I have actually witnessed the spectacle by point-blank range.

 The SAMUI island in the Gulf of Siam of Thailand. For a caller, most is a traveler a hippie or over a long period of time until an airport is made about ten years ago on this island. It was a quiet and peaceful island.

 At the time of twilight, I was taking a walk in order to do the evening glow visit of the beach. The pink cow has surfaced suddenly out of the sea then.

 The truth is like this. A cow is also in Thailand. However, for briny air, the hair of the back fell out and many cows which are present in an island were cruelly bald, probably because it was direct rays. Sunrays poured on the back whose hair of a cow was bald merciless. Probably, as a cow, it was the feeling "it could not bear."

 In order that the cow may keep off the heat of the back, it enters and sits down all over the sea, and is considered to almost have taken out only the nasal cavity to the water surface. Stupid Japanese approached and went there.
 A cow is character cowardly from the first. The cow which is surprised and rises. They are the sunrays of the orange of evening glow to the unreserved skin from the first. completion of a pink cow -- it comes out If a reason is known, although it will not be wonderful, I am more than a cow in cowardice. "Woooow !!! " has been shouted involuntarily. the disgraceful scream is inhaled by the evening glow of the Nature of the Gulf of Siam, and is peaceful calm ------

*               *               *

 Now, the art event "COW parade TOKYO IN NARUNOUCHI 2003" is held in Marunouchi and Yurakucho. 60 or more artists participate, paint is carried out or it converts into the model of a full-scale cow so that he may like, and it arranges to here and there of a town .
(The map is distributed at entrances, such as Tokyo International Forum and a Marunouchi building. It holds till October 5.)

Tokyo International Forum     

 The auction of these cows is carried out after an exhibition period end, and proceeds are contributed for a charity. It is great.

 My opinion. If all cows are bought at the "Shioiri redevelopment area" reported last week and it arranges to here and there of Pyongyang Shioiri , I will think that a greatest effect is demonstrated to children's cultivation of aesthetic sensitivity. This is the power of art.

 When reaching the cow of the level of No. 50 of a coverage day and the map number of "COW parade", it had become at the time of sunset. The cows which stand still in darkness had already disappeared almost. For the time being, in order to take only the photograph, when carrying out flash photography, the pink cow appeared in the finder of a digital camera. Then, it is the reason which became the talk of the Thailand cow of the beginning.


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