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9/1 Hakoneyama
                 Reporter, Japanese Takahashi
 At last, it is the Hakone mountain gaining-the-summit success (44.6m)!

 In Tokyo's 23 Wards, it is the highest and HAKONESAN which is a low mountain is introduced to the second in Japan.
I dislike suntan in Japan. But it rode on the bicycle and carried out to coverage.
 The "K-1vs pride/DYNAMITE !" was under broadcast by the TV program on the day which covered. Even so, I praise my own thing myself and do not think appearance. Even if a brain becomes like a rubber ball.
 "Hakonesan" is in the Toyama public inside a garden for on foot 10 minutes from a "JRSin-ookubo station."
It arrived at the summit of the mountain in on foot 3 minutes from the signboard of a "HAKONESAN mountain trail entrance."
 The clothing which the homeless' man washed was dried at the summit of the mountain.
Although it is the summit of the mountain, the apartment in the circumference is more expensive. Much scribble is written to the hut at the summit of the mountain.
 If the incoming tourist who visits this ground several months after takes a commemorative photo with the homeless, mine will be glad.



       Reporter, Rustle Nagayama

 One year has passed since simultaneous frequent occurrence terrorism.                      
 When an incident arose, I was the midst of exercise of theater.

 Supposing it carried out or, I thought that it was uneasy with whether Japan becomes the situation that a play public performance is impossible.  
 Seemingly, on the occasion of that suicidal-explosion terrorism, the American journalist said, "It seems to be paper cold of Japan." But I want to call it "thing kana ? with that really right."     

 The last stage of the Pacific War, tactics of the navy of Japan "TOKKOH (Attacks specially) ." The way is also a variety. Most famous "kamikaze party." Moreover, "KAITEN" which man gets in a torpedo and dashes itself against an enemy ship, "SINYOU" which puts and thrusts ammunition into a motorboat, The bomb was attached to the point of a long stick, it lurked in the seabed, and the form of self-sacrifices, such as "HUKURYUH" etc. which thrusts up the ship's bottom of a landing ship, was various.  
 Now, by what thought did KAMIKAZE members get in the airplane?
In fact, it is said that saying for a country or the Emperor etc. thought was anxiety of their family and sweetheart being exposed to a crisis if it already disappeared and landing of the U.S. Forces was not stopped now here. And it was a self-sacrifice that he can do for the reason. In order to avoid now the crisis which is at hand, members applied himself and flew away. War ended, among the members who knew defeat in the base, it regretted that lost the comrade and he survived and those who commit suicide also required it.
 I think that there was consciousness of fighting in order to protect those who love in order to prevent a downfall of a country also in the heart of the soldier of Taliban. The point may be the same as a KAMIKAZE member.
But, the act of hijacking a private airplane and thrusting in into a civilian is not the action which avoids an impending crisis. That differs from "KAMIKAZE" clearly.               
 Now, I am writing the script of the play dealing with a "KAITEN special attack party." I think that I want you to know the fact with the "TOKKOH special attack party" simply.
 If there is a . opportunity to have carried out the formal talk, I will want to write the matter of the cat " Account of overweight cat hard struggle" kept in my house, the "discovery ! misprint Heaven" broadcast as there having been such a misprint, etc., etc. in which the heart gets warm.


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It is the sadness of a small and weak organization or a minor organization. The feeling of President Kojika of "Big Japan Pro-Wrestling (B.J.W.)" can understand deeply.
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