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9/24    Yayoi


 Gentlemen! Have you already opened THE TRAGICOMEDY OF W"?
 It was an all the members performance after a long time.
 If the method of manufacture of such a homepage is carried out, the homepage manufacture capability which carries out the durability of the ten years of mine may be drained in three years. However, I manufacture this homepage leisurely from now on.
           A−1          Aー2           

 There were two matters which have not been written.

1. "Kurayami-zaka[Darkness hil]l" is in the way by the side of the reverse side of the University of Tokyo. "Darkness hill" The doubtful building was discovered within the enclosure of the University of Tokyo to meet. (Photograph A-1) Observe the window of a building. The iron lattice has fitted only into the left-hand side window (photograph A-2).

It presumes. The head is the "Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira" and an "organic matter + inorganic substance" living thing which the body calls a refrigerator should be studied. a diameter is comparatively alike, it compares and there is a chimney with low height in the site which adjoined the proof (photograph B) This is considered to be an institution for incinerating the animal (man being included) which failed in the experiment. However, regrettably it does not understand for details.

The "Yayoi gate" is near the foot of this chimney, and a "Yumeji Takehisa art museum" is located in the opposite side.
Although he wanted to also introduce this art museum, the card of the notes
Please withhold the copy in inside of a hall, and photography and use of a fountain pen.
was stuck, and since a photograph was not able to be taken at all, it did not introduce.
Incidentally, even the National treasure of photography of the National Museums is free. When the Soviet Union was living, the reason became a feeling like the west side diplomat invited although it was unknown in the headquarters of K.G.B.

By the above reason, the two above-mentioned places cannot be carried to this editing. It asks consent.

Well...It is also continued well to favor the "Tokyo sightseeing guide" which becomes "useless!" increasingly.


 Summer does not finish.
 Today's maximum temperature is 29.4℃ . In spite of being the middle of the month in October now, the inside of the vehicles of a train and the supermarket are still air-conditioned.
 Manneken-Pis of JR Hamamatsucho station" is having changed into the dress of autumn long ago.
 What has become?

Mysterious photograph 1   [Zenkohji-Zaka of Yanaka]

Those who do not understand why it is "Mysterious" need to read next " Weekly Tokyo."


  When I was walking along the thin area of a relation to my life called Roppongi for my private use, the event "ROPPONGI ARTREND2002" was encountered.
 As I was led to someone who is not seen, when it wandered about in the hall, the very worrisome picture was exhibited.
I purchased pictures only after I was born.
 What thing would happen inside me.

The answer of last "Mysterious photograph."
Without knowing why, the fresh egg is put on the side of a house. Is the wild big snake fed?

Mysterious photograph 2

 This photograph was taken when the "TAIYAKI (Our Sweet Road)"work last year was carried out.
When many photographs are taken, such a strange thing may sometimes be reflected.
Why it being strange and those who cannot understand need to read next "this week Tokyo."


It has carried out to photography of Hakoneyama in the "Takahashi  report" on September 1.

 The European-style building of the mystery of Hakoneyama mountain side. (Although it was the atmosphere on which a vampire is likely to pounce from the shade of trees, the true character of a mansion is a Christian church.)

The way to a Hakoneyama summit Summit of the mountain The view from the summit of the mountain To be sure, it is 44.6m in altitude.


 Pictures which carried out purchase reservation as written in last "this week Tokyo" "ROPPONGI ARTREND2002" It has gone to take over on the final day.
 Since of Miss. Ayaka Kanno's of the author's consent was obtained, a work is introduced. (It is regrettable that an exact color is unreproducible in my cheap digital camera)
"Dream" and "Dream of three days after" (If a photograph is clicked, a large picture will come out) Kanno Mother and Daughter
 Oh, it could meet with these works and was good. "It is brief and depth and a deer are also nostalgic."
Miss. KANNO's mother is also an artist and she had also displayed the work. I was pleasant for me to have imagined the root of a work.


    The answer of last "Mysterious photograph."

 Back where Nagayama has sung "TAIYAKI (Our Sweet Road)", an object like a female ghost is visible.
However, if it often sees, the telegraph pole is also reflected behind the ghost. ........ Simply, a passerby reflects in the glass of a store and, as for this, is not reflected. It is the spirit photograph with which the soul of a telegraph pole was reflected with the first human being in history.

 After a long time, hear " "TAIYAKI (Our Sweet Road)" of a masterpiece.


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