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       The special program of summer

"There is even no fragment of a dryness banana in a desert."

 My desert experience.
 When I traveled India for six months once, the Thar Desert between India and Pakistan was visited. (15 years before) I stayed at the town named the Jaisalmer in the central part of this desert area for two weeks.
 The heat of this area and the condition of dryness were wonder. For the human being of the East Asia graduate.
It experienced.
1. Sunlight seemed to be the death ray.
2.Heel cracked in two days.
3. Daytime -- it is hot and night is also hot (This mentions later)
4.Around daytime 2:00, a shopping center is also closed and a town becomes like a ghost town.
5. The dog dipped the body in the slot and has cooled itself by sewage. (Although an animal is also regarded as there being an instinctive health idea, seemingly, the direction of the measure against intense heat will exceed instinct)
6, Natural, and water are precious. The water for bathing paid from an economical hotel is one cup of one-day bucket. (If it saves, the body is washed with the water of one cup of bucket, and even the shampoo and rinse of the hair are possible)
7.1 bottle price of the mineral water of drinking water are [ the accommodation charges of one night of an economical hotel, and ] the same amount mostly. (About 10 rupees)
8 Washed garments get dry in 5 minutes.
9.If the skin is stripped from an orange and it is left about 5 minutes, the skin will become like a knife.

 "It is hot daytime. It is hot also night." Because, it is a fact although it may be unexpected. An ordinary traveler like me is not an explorer. It does not necessarily sleep on desert sand and stays at the economical hotel in a town. (Photograph)
Since it is continuing being compared with the sunlight of daytime, even if the stone-made building of a desert town becomes night, it does not get cold. a wall, a floor, and a ceiling -- it gets hot altogether When sunrise time comes closely, a building is got cold at last and it can sleep for a while. However, the sun rises in the sky immediately and all get hot.

           Desert fortification city Jaisalmer,

It is not after ruins or air strikes. It is the economical hotel where I was staying.
 I retreated from the desert and thought like on the 3rd day of stay. However, experience which stays at such a frontier district thought over that it could rarely do. And it participated in the "camel safari tour" for three nights and four days.
The Camel -riding comment of a camel were not comfortable. However, I was very pleasant to have visited the small-scale village of the suburbs, to have played with children, and to have seen such a dazzling full moon that it is impressed by the view of a large sand hill and reality cannot be accepted.
 However, it is pleasant as "a thought." The midst of tour is "the ache of the buttock by shake and inner thigh of a camel", "thirst of a throat", and "a temperature rise." It was continuation of patience.
 A thing like the tray on the 4th which shines blue in the distance appeared afternoon far.
Immediately, it has recognized that it is "oasis." Two or more kinds of animals do not fight, but are drinking water with sufficient relations. Although it is sparse, trees have also sprung up. Although there was only merely water, the quiet vibration from which the heart is softened was filled there.
 " .... I will swim in that place" -- it was determined as on the camel

 When actually carried out to the waterside of oasis, my decision broke and broke up. Because, there is very much excrement of animals and the bank of a lake and underwater had fallen. It was not the feeling in which it swims. This is actual.
 However, the problem is about drinking water from swimming. We surely had to supply water in this oasis. Since it was unavoidable, water was put into the polyethylene tank in the bank with if possible little excrement. Water was carrying out a color like green tea. It was uncanny although it was made to boil. The powder of instant coffee was mixed, and after making hot water black, it drank

I stuck the Tohkon[Fighting Supirit]headband and participated in camel safari tour.

Oasis which looks beautiful with a photograph.

 We arrived at the town of Jaisalmer and tour finished on the evening of the day. As soon as I arrived at the town, I went to the alcohol store located only one house in the town direct.
I bought the large bottle of the beer which got cold well, and drank straight from the bottle on that spot. It must have been in the ultimate "state it will be thought that is nice if beer is drunk." However, the stomach has become painful when at least the half of the capacity of a bottle drinks beer.
 The reason becomes dehydration. Thus, the desert zone is severe to a life of man.

 Although I wrote indiscriminately "It is hot", a display in the concrete number about temperature cannot be performed. A thermometer was not found anywhere.
 I brought the small thermometer attached to the key case. However, that day which carried out Jaisalmer arrival has been dropped in the toilet bowl of an economical hotel. If that small thermometer imagines finishing the whole life by continuing measuring the temperature of excrement, it will become a sad feeling. If now comes, there is no way to make.


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