5/12  Ueno-Park   [Taito-ku Ward] 
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My old friend  

This is my childhood friend. He is healthy though he is an elderly person.


6/2 Ueno Park  National Science Museum   [Taito-ku Ward]

                National Science Museum  JR Uenoi station Koen-guchi entrance    On foot 7 minute
Open Hours 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (last admissions: 4:30 PM)
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM (exceptionally on Friday,last admissions: 7:30 PM)
Opening hours are subject to change during the periods of special exhibitions.
Closed Every Monday   (Tuesday when a national holiday falls on Monday)
Dec. 28-Jan.1
Admission Permanent Exhibition
Individuals Adults and college students 500yen
Children and youth in grades 1-12 Free

      Ammonite is innocent.

 National Science Museum

The National Science Museum renewed opened.

The fossil of the ammonite excavated from Japan is exhibited by "History of Japanese Islands" on the third floor of Japan Gallery.


"Nipponites" excavated from Japan is interesting.
The life as a system was exhausted and the malformation-thing was presumed a long time ago.
A shallow sea region develops into the Cretaceous (about 65 million years before) now, and it thinks because the ammonite specialized according to the complicated living environment produced there.

                   This is not excrement.

            This is not excrement at all.

               This must not be excrement. Perhaps,

Who excreted this huge excrement?

The model of the ammonite that is not first-ever excrement is being put on the



2F Japanese People and Nature

Special appendix

  Where's Sumo wrestler? ---In National Science Museum,Tokyo

Special appendix 2

"Mother of the ancients" &"Present-day child who dances"

The wife of the ancients who smile.


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