1/30  Akatsuka  Tokyo-daibutsu / Jorenji-Temple  [Itabashi-ku Ward] 
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                   Buddha as an internationally-minded person

Interviewer "Happy New Year! Mr.Buddha"
Buddha "Merry Chri-Shogatsu !"
Interviewer "Frohes Neues Jahr! Herr Buddha"
Buddha "Merry Chri-Shogatsu !!"
Interviewer "Bonne Annee! Monsieur Buddha"
Buddha "Merry Chri-Shogatsu !!!"
Interviewer "Anno Nuovo e felice! Signore Buddha"
Buddha "Merry Chri-Shogatsu !!!"
Interviewer "!Prospero Ano Nuevo! Senor Buddha"
Buddha "Merry Chri-Shogatsu !!!!"
Interviewer "Feliz ano novo! Senhor Buddha"
Buddha "Merry Chri-Shogatsu !!!!!"

            Garden of temple


2/9  Asakusa  Senso-ji Temple approach to a shrine  [Taito-ku Ward] 
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                             Asakusa face exposition

 Asakusa in my hometown. There is a huge buddhist temple. Various "Face" exists in the approach to a temple.


This is "Tenryu wooden statue " though looked like Antonio Inoki.
[The back at Kaminarimon gate]

HY2M  1/12 RX-78-2 GUNDAM


Folkcraft shop on side of Kaminarimon


Asakusa-Hudoson temple


Dog's stuffed animal's specialty store


Taito-Kuritu Edo Shitamachi Dento Kogeikan[Gallery TAKUMI]

Nagayama's favorite dish "Sparidar sandwich".
[In front of Kaminarimon]


5/6    Addition

"Where's Sumo wrestler?"in Asakusa


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