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          The people who aren't interested in soccer 4.


 It is speculation about "Rodrigo" of the last continuation.
Everyone! Do you know the name of the younger brother of founder PRIDE heavyweight class Champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira?
 It is the name of Antonio "Rogerio" Nogueira.
Older brother Rodrigo, younger brother Rogerio.Rodrigo -Rogerio. It is the linguistic sense that the heart which it doesn't get tired of even if it is repeated in the mouth 100 times is comforted.
 Their mother brought them up with shouting "Rodrigo !Rogerio! It is late for school if it doesn't get up early! It isn't made to say the word which is always and always the same!".Probably, it is a peaceful good family.Anyway, it is "Rodrigo -Rogerio" .
 You will surely be able to avoid scuffle disturbance in the station premises of the railroad in the commuter rush if it cried "Rodrigo -Rogerio Rodrigo -Rogerio Rodrigo -Rogerio!!" when it was who from the back or it was pushed away.
 In other words, "Rodrigo -Rogerio" is the incantation of "Peace healed.".
 If a thing uses this incantation for the various things, the quarrel things of the world are supposed to decrease markedly.It doesn't feel like if it is "the panda stone" denounced in the past and it is made "Rodrigo -Rogerio stone", getting angry.It may have interest though it competes in what or imagination isn't settled if it is " Soccer world soccer cup " which it isn't interested in at all and it is made "the world Rodrigo -Rogerio cup".
 All the world should become "Rodrigo -Rogerio" on this occasion.
 "The game of Rodrigo -Rogerio is held with Rodrigo of Rogerio for 12 today, and enthusiastic Rodrigo -Rogerio, and they are all Rodrigo in Rogerio.Such a Rodrigo -Rogerio, and you should impress that it became tragic Rodrigo on Rogerio in the second Rodrigo as well.It is Rogerio on earth, or the people level of Rodrigo -Rogerio a doubt.
that it is Rogerio that Rodrigo is Rogerio even if Rodrigo of Rodrigo -Rogerio Rodrigo and that Rodrigo -Rogerio and Rodrigo is said."----
 It is peaceful though it isn't understood what is said. It was good good .


Panda pedestrian crossing?
Rodrigo Rogerio crossing
Panda bicycle?
Rodrigo Rogerio bicycle
Panda young man?
Rodrigo Rogerio young nan
Panda sign?
Rodrigo Rogerio sign
Panda seashore?
Rodrigo Rogerio seashore


  The people who aren't interested in soccer 5.

 I am sorry that renewal is delayed.
Because the topic of the world was only a soccer convention, I was amazed, and I read a mystery novel all the time.("Kiyoshi Mitarai" series.3 work of 'The knight of the foreign country' 'Atopos' 'Ryuga-Hotel event' which Soji Shimada wrote was interesting.).
 Last report.
 It tended to get excited, and HustleKitamura talked on 21 with doing in Tour En L'air of the ballet about 100 turns with saying "It became a soccer fan suddenly."When he is asked whether something happened, it is so "When it was walking in Tokyo station, it had an accident 'Wenger of Arsenal' do an encounter, an autograph.".I don't know what thing to be both "Arsenal" "Wenger" .
 Though it isn't understood, first of all it competes, and the autograph of Mil Mascaras in about 1971 is put up, too.Mascaras is an autograph at the time of a nickname to say as not "the mask noble" but "the devil mask" still.The autograph of Beckham which I wrote incidentally is published as an appendix, too.
 If this is expanded and printed on the T-shirt, you assure that fool person handling is done this summer.

 ・・・・ "Beckham"? Oh! As for the mass communication, it is terrible. ・・・・・ that a brain is being rubbed with the name of the foreigner player before even I who isn't interested in soccer at all notice it.
 The fashion show of "FromtheEast&West" was held with Ebisu-Tei of Kamata on 22.A Ghanaian person Canadian Venezuelan person American Japanese was jumbled up, and it was successful.

 The event of "the recitation and music" of member's Rustle Nagayama was held on 23.
 It was deeply made to be impressed, and audience's tears didn't know that it stopped, and piled up from the floor of the hall no less than 2cm as for the recitation of Nagayama the whole of the hall .Because photograph photography was prohibited, it is disappointed that it can't be introduced here.
 Then, it has gone to see play of "It is deceived, and it Borsch." of HiromiKikaioffice which it had been looking forward to from former times today.
 Drama thinks a thing how you have only to be here in the age when the video of "Star Wars" is borrowed for 500 yen deeply, and this dramatic company always lets me enjoy it.
Though it is a coincidence with it, it is surprised that the leading part of play of this day, the post name of Hiromi Kikai were "Mitarais".It begins with "Mitarai", and it seems that the period of this soccer convention ended in "Mitarai" for me.


 What? It is learning to refer to this homepage with Yahoo. What happens?
Though it applied for the registration, Yahoo listened to the information that it was 1 in 10 or 2 that an examination is strict and does "a success" .
 Therefore, I wasn't doing even an application for registration from the reason in religion. ("It isn't troublesome." religion).
Should I be glad at this fact?Because our "fool homepage" was registered without an effort by famous Yahoo it couldn't have it put easily even if it wishes.
 But, when it is compared to the wrestler, it is a feeling that the trainee which only came finally to be made about 150 times pulls it in the ring of WWE suddenly and it is flown.
Because they became such conditions, the homepage of " Easy.", "Scamp", "Idle" will be created till now.

 On this occasion, the valve of the reflection is stated.
Though it is being renewed at least once in 1-3 weeks, the items of Tokyo tourist guidance of the liver heart don't increase at all as for "Weekly Tokyo ".Of course this is because of incompetent of Yamazaki.
 But, it has an effort.A "Celebration! Yahoo registration commemoration preview feature" appears as that proof here.
The item of the tourist guidance will be upload as early as possible. (within 100 years).Be waiting to the mind head with taking even " Ginkgo leaf extract". ・・・ It doesn't reflect at all.


Tokyo Railroad Station



Izu Ohshima

It will be introduced to the public soon!!


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