8/7 Shiba Koen-park   [Minato-ku Ward]           [English Translation by idiot software]

From the iron tower under "Purple Haze"

There is a gloomy valley in Shibakoen.
A gloomy ravine is in Shiba Park.

Even the waterfall exists though it is small-scale.

Tokyo Tower catches a glimpse between treetops very much when looking up at a
dense grove and it gets it.

This valley is right under a large iron tower.

8/8 Tokyo Tower@wax museum/Foot Town 3F   [Minato-ku Ward]  

Celebrity's wax doll is exhibited in the wax museum in Tokyo Tower.
However, ignorant I cannot distinguish individual discernment.

Still, only Jimi Hendrix was possible even in me the distinguished
I surely presumed that other wax dolls were Jimi Hendrix's parties

James Marshall "Jimi" Hendrix   "All-time best lock guitarist"

Younger sister of Jimi Hendrix.
She placed the 3 rank United States in the grasp competition of the catfish.

Second cousin of Jimi Hendrix.
He was illiteracy.

Older sister of Jimi Hendrix.
She was not able to understand the multiplication, but she was a woman of gentle character

Aunt of Jimi Hendrix.
She wrote agrotechnology book 'Around the Country World in Eighty Days' and became a best-selling writer.

Uncle of Jimi Hendrix.
He changed over from the dockworker to "Horse's head cultivation industry", and became those who succeeded.

Mother of Jimi Hendrix.
The corn cookie that she made was very popular in the people.

Father of Jimi Hendrix.
He is a master of the karate.

Cock of Jimi Hendrix.
He is a chaozu making expert of "Burning down house flavor".

Security force of Jimi Hendrix.@
Alias /Pythons.

Pet of Jimi Hendrix.
His feat that was sulky and sucked at a cigar was popular among the general public.

       The general meeting of Jimi Hendrix and a fan club. At the height of confusion

Shake it up, baby, now !!


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