12/26  Ueno-Park  Tokyo Bunka Kaikan(Tokyo Festival Hall)  [Taito-ku Ward] 
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
(Tokyo Festival Hall)

JR Uenoi station Koen-guchi entrance    On foot 1minute

          The remembrance of a builder's Kunio Maekawa

Builder Kunio Maekawa is genius.He designed Tokyo Bunka Kaikan(Tokyo Festival Hall).

See this wall.

 The angle of a curve and a raised bottom is observed.A glimpse feels the novelty of appearance.However, this is a wonderful practical use work.If it is schoolchild's child's height, the opposite side of a wall is not visible.

 It is man's psychology that it is going to peep into the opposite side of a wall.
 I would like you to pay my attention to the raised bottom portion of a wall.
 It has inclined forward.If the mediocre builder is designing, this angle has made this side "for safety" low.

 However, the angle of this raised bottom carries out a duty opposite to danger.
It is because a child perceives danger instinctively and operates balance feeling.



 Since Tokyo Bunka Kaikan(Tokyo Festival Hall) is completion, it has entertained children without an accident for about 50 years in 1961.
The intention of Kunio Maekawa was successful.

 On the way in the side of Tokyo Festival Hall, the volunteer man was cleaning the dead leaf.

He is a very able volunteer.

He is a very very able volunteer.

He is a very very very very able volunteer.


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