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1/1   Edo ruined castle (Imperial Palace) Shimizu gate of a Kitanomaru park 

                          In front of the Shimizu-mon gate where the blizzard falls


1/23  Ryogoku   Kokugikan Smou arena  

                               "The scenery which Kabuki-kun is in"    
                                       [ Sumidada -ku Ward /In front of Ryogoku Kokugikan Smou arena]


3/14  Tatsumi/Shinonome    

Shinonome Mizube koen Park  

 The soldiers who protect Tokyo from TSUNAMI


 The soldier is made of concrete.

The resident in this place is a homeless cat.


4/25  Tsukishima         

Alley in Tsukishima. It is beautiful. It is wonderful. It is nice. [map B/C]

The structure of this veranda has the difficult point. [map D]

Aioi bridge and Nakanoshima Island (North side) [map E]

                The south side of Nakanoshima island    


5/31  Ginza  Hakuhinkan-gekijo Theater   [Chuo-ku Ward]     

Hakuhinkan Theater

Tokyo metro Shinbashi station Exit 1On foot 3 seconds

       Rustle Nagayama and Rica chan doll


 Rustle Nagayama which is a Harakiri Brothers member's member will appear on the play in the theater of the Ginza.
It appears by the cruel looks different from the time of photography of a poster.


 Hakuhinkan Theater is a famous theater in Japan. The feature is that the Rica chan doll of the same size as human is exhibited near the first floor entrance.

 Preparation is already completed. The rest only waits for the bell which tells commencement of a performance.


  6/14 Aoyama-Koen Park [Minato-ku Ward]       

  The U.S. Forces base in the central part
[Roppongi] of Tokyo

                               "The scenery which Kabuki-kun is in"


7/4 Hibiya [Chiyoda-ku Ward]    

                               The open space in front of Hibiya Shante            [Map A]

Hibiya in which Godzilla, Tom Cruise, a stray cat, a carp, and a tortoise are present

Japanese film star and Tom Cruise's "Signed hand-print" are decorated in the open space.     [Map A]

         *          *          *

The bar reproducing Japan of about 50 years ago.                [Map B]

 [Map B]

[Map B]

  *          *          *

                                                      [Map B]


  9/14 Jidayubori-Koen Park [Setagaya-ku Ward]        

Jidayubori-Koen Park
[Old Farm House Garden]

Open Hours
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed Day
Mondays (Tuesday if Monday falls on a holiday),
New Year's period

The farmhouse of 100 years ago . And the canary equipped with sunglasses

Setagaya-ku is upper-class residential area. However, the about 50-year past was an agricultural area.That is, It was the country. It was very the country. It was the terrible country.

 Pipi-chan of the original member of Harakiri Brothers has been lost after coverage of this place.

 Pipi-chan of the original member of Harakiri Brothers has been lost after coverage of this place!!

 Pipi-chan of the original member of Harakiri Brothers has been lost after coverage of this place!!!
 I am sad. It is very sad. It is very very sad. It is very very sad very much.

Byebye Pipi-chan


  10/14  Otonashi-shinsui  water park   [Kita-ku Ward]  

Otonashi-shinsui koen water  Park

JR Oji station North entrance
            On foot 1 minute

The ravine at which it arrives in on foot 1 minute from a railroad station

It is a ravine shortly after passing a shopping center.

 Otonashi river and Otonashi-shinnsui  water park

        Otonasi river and Otonashi-shinnsui  water park

 I investigated the origin of  Otonashi river by the Internet after going home. The origin was industrial waste water.(Of course, water-purifying processing is carried out.)


10/30 Ohme [Ome-shi City]

Ohme Fujio Akatsuka commemoration hall

JR Ohme station
On foot 5minute
Open Hours
   10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Closed Day
  Mondays (Tuesday if Monday falls on a holiday)

Admission fee
  Adults: \400
   Students: \200

            The Unique country town


 The signboard of the past movie is here and there without knowing why.

 The museum which is one of "Gag cartoonists" most famous for Japan and which commemorated Fujio Akatsuka [Ohme Fujio Akatsuka commemoration hall]



 The Japanese-styled house of the time about the middle of the 20th century. It is also a practical use house now. Beautiful !!


  11/13  Shinbashi   [Minato-ku Ward]  

Citta Italia

JR Shinbashi station North entrance
            On foot 7minute

            Poor artist does not live in the attic room.

 Although reported in 2003, "redevelopment" of the Shinbashi area is under advance certainly.

[map A]
---  300m  ---
 [map B]

 It is destroyed and Japanese culture is already being covered with "white fascism."

 See that attic room. If European construction is copied, the builder should copy correctly. In spending no cost on the part which is unrelated to money-making, just propagation of the Italy culture is impossible.


                Do you think that which is beautiful?


  12/22  Aoyama  Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum   [Minato-ku Ward]  

  Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum

Tokyo metro Omotesando station ExitA 1 On foot 15seconds

The starting point of Japanese culture exists beyond a luxury brand shop

 You have to pass through a brand shop jungle to arrive to Taro Okamoto Memorial Hall.

 Brand shop jungle

Brand shop jungleBrand shop jungle

  Brand shop jungleBrand shop jungleBrand shop jungle

 Also although it goes, also although it goes, it is a brand shop jungle.

Also although it goes, also although it goes, it is a brand shop jungle.Also although it goes, also although it goes, it is a brand shop jungle.

Arrives at last.
Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum entrance

Inside of an art museum


Is Japanese culture the bad second of Western culture and the China culture?

 No! Taro Okamoto shouted. The starting point of Japanese culture is in the Neolithic era (Jomon culture)!


 The ancients' heart which we have forgotten and which is laughed at which, got with which angry, cried for, sung and danced. However, the ancients' heart which is carrying out intension.

                                                Inside of an atelier

 The message of Taro Okamoto is a present to people in us not only the Japanese but the world.

 Very strange occurrence. If it is going to take the photograph of Taro Okamoto's wax figure, the autofocus function of my camera will incorrect-operate. Seemingly, Taro Okamoto's soul has emitted the message "laugh, sing and dance rather than you take a photograph" still now.


                                                                            see you next year.


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