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 12/3   Harajuku  Togo Jinja Shrine

Togo Jinja Shrine

About 5minute walk from
Harajuku Sta. on the JR Line,

About 5minute walk from
Meiji-jingu Sta. on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line,
 Hello. Kitty-Guy !

 If it comes out of JR Harajuku station and you walk along a Takesita street about 5 minutes eastward, it can arrive at a Togo shrine.

 The Tkesita street is a region where the shop that sells a comparatively cheap food, clothes, and adornment is overcrowded. It looks like the scenery seen in the vicinity of the cheap hotel street where the backpacker in the foreign country stays.

It is in noisy of the Takeshita street and the distance of only 20 meters and there
is encompassed Togo Shrine in silence.

*The shortest range, ultra construction, and comparison photograph

 --- 20m ---

The special feature of Togo-jinja is selling the charm of "Hello Kitty "


If it is west side European countries and a place like Togo-jinja is in the reverse side of shopping quarter like the Takeshita street, it must surely be a drug addict's meeting place there.

However, the Japanese young man has coveted and consumed crepe! It is health to the extent that it is amazed.

Rhonin Asakura /Kitty state
Rhonin Asakura /alcoholism Kitty state


 12/20   Ginza MIKIMOTO pearl store shop front

MIKIMOTO pearl store shop front
                Christmas tree

Tokyo metro Ginza station Exit A9 On foot 23 seconds

 The problem of a root

American's Christmas tree uses the tree cut down. Japanese people cannot understand the act.

 Even the Christmas tree of street trees of "Ginza street" is correctly planted in
 The same is said of the big Christmas tree at the shop front of a MIKIMOTO pearl store by which the decoration is carried out. [Refer to the photograph of the beginning]

 This huge Christmas tree will be contributed for a public facility by the lottery, if Christmas passes.


 12/25     Each Christmas here and there

Left is a picture taken on the 25th. of a fast food chain stand.
The girl is selling "Christmas Chickens" at reduced prices just like the way "Christmas Cakes" have
been sold on the 25th. For example,  its "Family Meal" costs 1,054 yen, which cost 1,134 yen the last
night. Although Americans and Japanese eat chicken on Christmas Eve, European people don't have such
a custom because there is no relationship between Christmas and eating chicken.

It presents to the dear girlfriend who is also yearning which is present in my hometown. Christmas Present cheap for it. Fleece blanket. It also works this year. Solitary Christmas dinner.


In the "Nishi Okubo park", the alcohol peak by the homeless was performed on a grand scale. Probably, is it also carried out tomorrow? And also the day after tomorrow.

Santa Claus's tragedy.
"Xmas will finish soon. I want to go home. "
Chief "It cannot consent! An attraction should be here."
"Don't bind! I cannot go home! "

The angel of Okubo. Under the railroad bridge in front of JR Shin- Okubo station, the mural painting of "The angel of Okubo" which Mr. Yosuke Takaoka of a picture-book writer drew is. The angel is also smiling at holy night. I was working. Suddenly, the voice of "Merry Christmas" carried out from behind. When I turned round, the middle-aged woman who had the red coat on and who does not know was standing. The woman gave me sweets. Is Xmas people's mind kind?

n the cheap hotel town near the Sanya-Tamahime park Walking has many old men and physically handicapped persons overwhelmingly.

"The Japanese Christianity team and the San-ya missions place" which is making the volunteer the homeless of Sanya

The Christmas tree of "a cheap hotel and Shirayuri-so." The Christmas-scenery only by Sanya.
This tree is not cutting the root, either.


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