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 10/30   Umejima   Belmont Park

  Belmont Park

About 5minute walk from
Umejima Sta. on the Tobu Isezaki i Line.

 Friendship of "Asian remote place" and "Oceania remote place"

 Adachi Ward in Tokyo rashly declared "Town of the culture that connected the world" 1980's. And, "Friendship city" was recruited all over the world.
 Having only applied for it was Belmont City in Australia.

 Belmont City and Adachi Ward sign the sister city tie-up on October 1, 1984. Afterwards, the difference of the culture is overcome, and friendship is deepened.

         Inside of belmont park Gallery

 The day is near when a "Witchetty Grubs roll" will be indicated by the menu of SUSHI of Japan.


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