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 Spring came to Asakusa as well.
 I must report it to everyone.
 It is an unusual large quantity of "the rest room guide plate" on the east side of Asakusa temple E Houzou gate. Is the inside of the site of foreign religion building (for example, Vatican E Basilia di San Pietro) such condition, too?Why are there the six sheets of guide plates which are the same in the space of this degree?
 The reasoning of r Yamazaki.
 There are many cases that it becomes the meeting place of the group in this place.A police box is on the north side of the open space.Probably, the policeman of the police box was asked about the question that a group sightseer was the same as "Where is a rest room?" all day long.(Supposing that 50 people ask on 1, when it supposes to work for 250 days in 1 year, 50~250, 12500 people).It can be estimated easily that even the Japanese policeman where kindness E made an honest gentleman a principle was enraged "We are not excreta hut managers!!" as that result.It considers that it became such scenery as that result.
 A person with courage goes to this police box, and wants it to ask about "Where is a rest room?". (Gyahaha).Possibly, it is shot at once, and it cannot be never killed.



 Cherry blossoms are in full bloom!! Asukayama park!!!
 At present, cherry blossoms are in full bloom in Tokyo in each place.
 It looks at the beautiful cherry blossoms of the Asukayama park which adjoins it from the platform of the JR Ohji station as well.
 The exhibition (?) of Dodoitsu of the "Dodoitsu pen, club" auspices is done in it and the concourse of the metropolitan subway big Edo line, Ueno Okachimachi station.

"l@Kagamidemisete Bedniyobikomu Harunokaze"

[Translation] "The wind of the spring when it reflects the cherry blossoms to bloom outside the window on the mirror and it is called in the bed".

AAAhhhhhhhhh It is beautiful. It is wonderful. It is profound. Once in a while, it feels the happiness which was born in Japan.


@@@ ?

The recitation performance of Nagayama is held tomorrow.It is announced again.

April 5 (Friday) Chiyoda district Uchisaiwaicho hall 19 o'clock opening 2500 yen.

@A member will go for the appreciation.We have such sincerity that it responds with "Hemoglobin" or "Slate rock" if it greets it with "good evening" though it is not a good attitude.If we are seen, I want it to call it readily.



   It is the make-up of Nagayama on April 5. `ctor is interesting.

Nezu shrine

  `zalea is in full bloom!! In Nezu shrine!!!

 It is surely this pattern when the flower of something blooms recently.At present, azalea blooms in Nezu shrine of Bunkyo-ku magnificently. (Refer to the clause of 'Our sweet load '.).There is no Dodoitu this time.Instead, newcomer's introduction is done.
 The new member of "Kabuki-kun" joined it though everyone would notice it from "Ameyoko ".Ages are three years old, brain clearness with what I know about him. As for those others, it doesn't know.
 Expect his activity.

     'The scenery which Kabuki-kun is in'.


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