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4/29  Akihabara    Electric Town Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

  Electric Town

About 30 seconds walk from
JR Akihabara Sta.

                           Nerd saves Japan.


 Report of the economic news of a TV program.
"Future Japan is converted into the country which produces software from the country which manufactures hardware."
 Seemingly, it will become the mecca of "software" if the twin tower under construction at the Akihabara station front is completed. As for Japanese economy, a Japanese nerd becomes the leading role.

"The scenery which Kabuki-kun is in"    
                 [ Chiyoda -ku Ward /Shohei-Bashi bridge]

The Akihabara electricity town has very many pedestrians. However, if it moves only 50m, there is a small park in which a crowd is not present. If you walk about 10 minutes in an east direction, it can go to a quiet Yanagimori Shrine.

--  About 50m  --

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"The scenery which Kabuki-kun is in"    
                 [ Chiyoda -ku Ward /Yanagimori-jinja Shrine]


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