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4/1  Nishiarai Nishiarai-daishi Temple Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

Nishiarai-daishi Temple

About 3minute walk from
DaishimaeSta. on the Tobu Daishi Line.

Nishiarai-Daishi is the "district" in Tokyo.

Nishiarai-Daishi station is an uninhabited station.

 With the water service equipment at the entrance of a temple, a hand is washed, a mouth is rinsed and the body is purified. The design of the water service equipment is wonderful!

 How many children looked at this boy statue, and children smiled?
 If the children become a youth, they will lose interest on a boy statue.
 However, the next generation's children will gaze at the style of a boy statue again.
 Children grow up and become an old man. A boy statue shoulders water service equipment all the time.
 It is with waiting about an once small child remembering a far day and stroking the head quietly some day.

'The scenery which Kabuki-kun is in'          [Premises of DaishimaeSta.]

Nishiarai-daisi Temple can watch from the platform of DaishimaeSta.


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