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1/5  Shinjuku 
[Southern entrance neighborhood]
Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )


Bad news!!

Witness information. Seemingly, Asakura which calls itself "vegan" was eating the noodle soup of "Bonito soup stock" at the noodle shop of Shinjuku.

1/12  Azabu [Arisugawa Park] Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

Bronze statue is interesting.

1 An eyeball is the white of the eye extensively.
2 Serious expression.
3 A strange pause. (Pigeon ,Snow, - etc.)
There is a boy's bronze statue which blows a vertical flute by stark nakedness in an Arisugawa park.

JR Tokyo Station
2002/12/9 Ueno Park 2002/12/13 Ikebukuro

Now, the Arisugawa park is described although very perfunctorily. It is the beautiful Japanese-style garden where care is made as an admission-free park, and the waterfall, the brook, the pond, etc. are laid using the height difference in a site.

1/23  Hongo   [Tokyo University]
Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

Tokyo University

Beer is sold at the dining-room for students in the University of Tokyo.


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