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[English Translation by idiot software]

12/5  Shibuya [jinnan]  TOBACCO&SALT MUSEUM Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

Hours: 1O:OO am to 6:OO pm
(entry allowed up to 5:30 pm)
Museum is closed on:
Mondays (except when a national holiday, substitution day falls on a Monday, in which case the museum may be closed on the following Tuesday) The first Tuesday in June
During the New Year holidays
(29 December - 3 January)
General admission fees:
Single, or in groups of 20 or more
Adults and students over high-school level: single 100yen (groups 50yen per person)
School pupils to high-school level: single 50yen (groups 20yen per person)
(For some special exhibitions, admission fees may be charged)
(Shibuya station 10 minutes)

    VIVA! "Grotesque , Funny, Curious Show"


 Tobacco and Salt Museum special exhibition "MISEMONO Spectacles, Shows and Circuses in the Edo -Meiji Period" holding.
Although it is a special exhibition, an admission fee is usually 300 yen of a charge.

The huge woman is sitting down into the show window of the building of the next door of a museum, having a wedding dress on.


12/17  Ryogoku Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

Sumo wrestler bronze statue / back

Sumo wrestler bronze statue
/Parietal region

"Sumo wrestling street" is wonderful.

@[ Map A]

 When it comes out of JR Ryogoku station west entrance ticket gate, it can be seen to be built by for a ‚rumo wrestler's bronze statue to pass and to meet.The relief of famous all the past Sumo wrestlers' hand is inserted in the plinth of a bronze statue.

 The slightly good photograph was stuck on the entrance of the Japanese-sweets store of the store name "Kokugido." [Map ‚a]

                       [ Map ‚a ]

 It continues by the tomorrow.

12/18 Ryogoku 2

Fluctuation of reason

 Furthermore, it continues to tomorrow.

12/19 @Ryogoku 3

 Surrealisme was in the park. It thought that it was art performance and was watching for a while. After 1 minute, it has been noticed that it is dried after this washes a Sumo-wrestler's "Japanese traditional sumo Loincloth."

Surrealisme is in a Sumo-wrestler's crotch!

 There are many Sumo training quarters near this. It is almost Sumo wrestler ghetto. Map-refer.

 Furthermore, it continues to tomorrow further.

12/20@Ryogoku 4


 It is a mystery-building. Although MINARETTO is resembled, the first floor is a Japanese-style tavern. It is presumed at the entrance in the reverse-side side of a building that many search persons did unapproved invasion. The angry landlord's warning document is stuck on the wall.

 Furthermore, it continues.

12/24@Ryogoku 5

    Merry Chri- Amitabha!!

 It is Christmas today. But, I also carried out to coverage to Ryogoku today. The town of Ryogoku photographed from the footbridge.

 Ryogoku was not the mood of Christmas at all.

 When searching hard, the store which sells only one chicken grilled for parties at the store which remodeled the garage was discovered.

 However, the globefish was sailing in the sky so that naturally.

 The clause of "Ryogoku", the end.

12/31@Akasaka [United States Embassy] Reporter: Shogun Yamazaki
( including photos )

The day has eyes, the night has ears.

 I performed the U.S. embassy to coverage on New Year's Eve.

 Only for me, the passerby near an embassy is. It is natural. A U.S. embassy may be exploded by the terrorist. A photograph was taken in front of the embassy main gate. It is immediately surrounded by the police force and the status had been investigated. It seems that the coverage style which has a digital camera on the right of me, and has "THE GREAT MUGA" in a left hand was unpleasant to them.

It is in front of the U.S. embassy main gate under watch specially.

Embassy west side
     Sakura hill

Embassy south side
U.S. Ambassador official residence
Embassy east side
     Reinan hill


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