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2/11       Yanaka

 The indication of the speed regulation drawn in the ground began to disappear.
 A three years old baby is born, and feels something which makes the heart of a person like the pancake made for the first time comforted.Is this "super-art"?

    In Yanaka Hebimichi street.

2/18          Yushima Tenjin Shrine

The flower of the Japanese apricot tree is in full bloom.
 This season is the time which is the same as the entrance examination of the university.Many examinees write a wish in the board that a horse was printed, and a success is prayed for.
 God is probably heavy.

  [Yushima Tenjin Shrine]


3/3          Sinjuku

  Now, I am here in the Shinjuku, Takashimaya Co.,Ltd. department store "Times Square" front.
 It isn't understood why the name of this building is "Times Square".It has the sense that blood way quantity increases in the temple.
 But, it doesn't shout today.A reason is because the service attitude of the salesgirl of the children's wear counter of Takashimaya Co.,Ltd. 9F was normal.
 As for the name of the metropolitan subway opened newly, "Dream mole, Oh Edo line".A pupil seemed to spread.
 However, this is forgiven, too.It is because the reception of the gate station employee of Hongo 3chome station and Kiyosumi Shirakawa station was sincere.
 It is recently rare. I think that it is normal that you should admire it.
Takashimaya Co.,Ltd. 9F salesgirl (three people), Metropolitan Oh Edo line, gate station employee's (with both stations as well, a young man) Hongo 3chome station ・ Kiyosumi Shirakawa station, your working attitude are wonderful.
 I am praised!!

 Rustle Nagayama does the work of the one's main occupation narrator.
A recitation meeting is done with the "Tetsuo Nagayama" ownership of its real name.
 But, a good laugh was done because the photograph which was far from the man whom it acts as with "Harakiri Brothers" when the pamphlet which has been sent is seen, "the man who eats Spider sandwich" appeared.
 How it thinks, it doesn't seem that the man of the photograph of this pamphlet appears in the stage.
 It waits for the day for pleasure.
 An interested person is to go to see him.



 The introduction of the cassette tape of Takahasi is done at the time of the recitation meeting of Nagayama.
 As for the cassette tape, anyone is funny in the age when a CD can be made.
 The store which sells that cassette tape, and information on the band related to Takahasi are published in another page.
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