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4/8@Koishikawa-Korakuen Garden

Opening time
9:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closing day
December 29 to January 3

Admission fee
300 yen
65 years old or more

 No charge
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom!!
Koishikawa-Korakuen Garden!!!

 There are TOKYO DOME and a Korakuen hole, an amusement park, etc. in Korakuen. And although it is not famous, there is a beautiful garden.


On the ground in which the flower of a cherry tree is carrying out falling of blossoms, Ant had also already begun activity.


                                            [Aproverb of Japan ]

Shiodome [Shinbashi]  CARETTA  Plaza

JR Shinbashi station
on foot 5 minutes

Toei Asakusa Line
Shinbashi station
on foot 3 minutes
OhEdo line Siodome station
on foot 2 minutes

 East Simbashi (Siodome)was redeveloped.
 I went to reconnoiter.

 The sculpture exhibition (Monster garden) of NIKI de Saint Phalle is held in the open space named "Caretta plaza." [4/7-6/8]
No charge.
 It is "Flood of a color." This is the oasis surrounded by the minerals building group.
 The work "Buddha" was exhibited (photograph).
 Since it is a foreign artist's work, a figure is more nearly macho than a Japanese Buddhist image.
 Sumyabazar Dolgorsuren of the elder brother of the Mongolian Yokozuna Asashoryu of sumo wrestling who fights with Tsuyoshi Kohsaka (TK) is reminded by "New Japan pro-wrestling /Ultimate crash" on May 2.

5/9 @Roppongi/Minowa
 In several of these years, many buildings (group) appeared in redevelopment in Tokyo.

 Last East Shinbashi (Shiodome) -- the same .
Probably I can think the vestiges of bubble business. don't you build so many buildings and a manager does not become a deficit -- ? -- I become slightly anxious with other people's affairs
 Compound building groups of the name of the "Roppongi Hills", such as a tenant, an office, a movie theater, and a dwelling, also opened last week.

 I carried out to inspection. Since it is almost the same as having written before in "Odaiba" of this editing, comment are omitted.

 However, there is neither a stray cat which walks along an alley, nor an old woman who manages a miscellaneous-goods store alone.
 Although it is clean and is safe, it is the managed town, and two months of the ability of me to persevere are a limit.
(There is no money which removes to that "high rank" apartment anyhow) .
 There is no feeling of envying people who I look up at an upper-layers apartment, and live there.
I want to turn cautions to "Universe underfoot" and to find joy to the extensiveness and depth rather than it.

 If it rides on subway Hibiya Line from Roppongi, "Minowa" will be reached in about 30 minutes.
If the land of these both is visited and compared, I will think that it is interesting.
Supposing I am an incoming tourist, the Minowa is more interesting than Roppongi positively.

Subway Hibiya Line

Rose!  Rose full bloom!!  Minowa-bashi!!!

The super-single house is more wonderful than a super-high-rise and a "super-high rank" apartment!


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