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3/9   Hibiya-Koen Park

Birthday of a `rsqn@anx comes on April 7, thist year.
But, seemingly, "Depleted Uranium Weapons and -DU -" will pour into Iraq like a heavy rain again. Although `rsqn boy's younger sister's "URAN" is a robot, it will shed tears.
The event "NO WAR ON IRAQ" was said to coverage.
People who had gathered in Hibiya Park are overlooked. It was the same as clearness and me, and was not a "political activity house" but an ordinary general citizen.


 The old man who is opposed to air strikes from painful experience of the Pacific War (Tokyo air raid). The high school student who is making the placard on that spot. The housewife accompanied by the dog. Jazz band. Folksong group. The ethnic music group of South Korea and Africa.
 The appearance-impressions of people gathering in a public inside a garden seemed to be "The costume parade and the primary omission group."

 Thought that I could stage a demonstration together, if it was with these people. I walked shouting "NO WAR!NO WAR!! " to a Hibiya Park -> Shinbashi -> Ginza -> Tokyo station. "Something" was shared with somewhere or unknown people who have gathered, and it has come back.

 Additional remark. @@Although the demonstration parade was about 1 hour, it was kept waiting, standing to a start for about 2 hours. (Lumbago recurrence ... That old-man participant is ?) It was told about that there were 40,000 participants at the goal point, and he understood the length of standby time. It could be said that the anti-war meeting of this day which assembled non-organized people was a great success. . (It is less than 2 million people of London) .

Meguro   Parasitological Museum

Admission fee
No charge

Closure day
Monday closure

Opening time
 "Meguro Parasitological Museum" in which "Shiroganese" of "High Society" lives by "Celebrity" and which is founded by Meguro was covered.
 It is a global parasitic maniac's holy place.
Although it cannot say that a scale is large, if it inspects seriously, it may take about 2 hours.
"Celebrity" -- "High Society" Parasite "Celebrity" -- "High Society" Parasite "Celebrity" -- "High Society" Parasite

The stomach of the dolphin invaded by the parasite
  It is the appearance which is "TheThing" of a movie.
Well, it happened to have thought, looking at this photograph. If the situation of the world of these days is considered, is it "the parasite attached for the earth with human beings"?

Souvenir corner
The T-shirt with which "Tapeworm (parasite)" was designed (solid) The key case containing object parasitic The pendant which designed the parasite

 Although not carried to this page, the more stimulative specimen and more stimulative data photograph which are felt grotesque were exhibited. However, I am not going to carry for an interest basis.
 Please actually visit those interested.

*          *          *

  Hiromichi Fuyuki which is a pro wrestler died. (The cause of death is cancer.) 42 years old of age at death
  He is the ring name a young time to "Samsun Fuyuki", and was performing "Professional wrestling of an American style."
  Probably, he would see and study W.W.F. (present W.W.E.) etc. (Bob Backlund can presume the time defeated in Iron Sheik) .
 Fuyuki is ..... which fighting with Shinya Hashimoto by "No-rope, Barbed wire, Current, Blasting, Death match fight" had determined in May.
  Sleep peacefully.

 "Death match fight does not bear appreciation only by being ghastly. It is not pleasant if it is not the show which carried out intension about "cheerfulness".
The fact to say was remembered while having edited this page.
 Can control exhibiting "the intense impact photograph about a parasite" beyond necessity because I am an old Professional wrestling fan.


"Wrestle And Romance"!!!

  Komagome    Rikugien Garden

Opening time
9:00a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closing day
December 29 to January 3

Admission fee
300 yen

65 years old or more
No charge

 The "Weeping cherry tree[Shidare Sakura]" of Rikugien was written to the poster of the 21st - 27th stuck on the subway station, when the between light up was carried out and it was opened to the public till night 9:00.
 Also in slight time, I wanted to carry out escape from the situation of the world made bloody, and have carried out to coverage.
 However, when seeing the photograph of the beginning, it understands by whom, and as for the flower of a cherry tree, one flower had not bloomed, either. The bud was also hard and this touch was still in full bloom the 10th day or more.

@@@@@@@@@(It continues to next time hereafter)


3/27  Komagome    Rikugien Garden 2



"weeping cherry tree and a daimyo garden light up " The banner [A] and the signboard [B] are arranged in the conspicuous place. However, the notice of "
having not bloomed for cold [C]" is a small bulletin board at the very back. With a photograph, although it is unclear, it is installed in the place which entered several steps into the gate, and an entrance ticket counter is located immediately on the left-hand side.
 That is, the look of the man who entered in the site is not fit for a notice. This is a thing like fraud. We do not have the "Discernment capability" and the "Observation capability" like Dr.Hannibal Lecter.
 Entrance People's purpose is 100% "a weeping cherry tree." Disappointment. Disappointment. Abandonment. And silence.
 The opinion of "a protest in a management office", "a return demand of an admission fee", and "impeachment of a person in charge" does not have someone, either. Japanese people seem to be the
The temporary coffee shop was prepared. Japanese people were eating the dumpling silently.

Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs

Silence of the Lambs Silence of the Lambs

That interest is attracted is the "weeping cherry tree" which will be in full bloom, after a light up period expires.
Inside of the spring darkness which cold finished at last. a "Weeping cherry tree" will be gorgeous-alike splendidly secretly, and will be in all glory Only for the moon, watching is...

It is the favor which was in bloom time, and being immersed in such imagination is possible. Is this wonderful?

...... Oh, I am also one a Lamb in a group.

                     *                                                *
 Way home and I went to Ueno Park in search of the tree of early cherry. In the Gojo shrine public inside a garden, the flower of a plum is still in bloom, and the flower of the tree of the cherry which has grown back had been in full bloom in it. Furthermore, the flower of magnolia was also horizontally in bloom.

 However, there is no space which carries out the Cherry-blossom-viewing party in the precincts of a temple. People enjoying the cherry blossoms were unavoidable, and it was sad to have carried out cherry blossom viewing (?) minutely under Thurs. in a main load by which not a flower is still in bloom.

Desperate cherry-blossom-viewing party lunch of Lambs Desperate cherry-blossom-viewing party lunch of Lambs

Desperate cherry-blossom-viewing party lunch of Lambs Desperate cherry-blossom-viewing party lunch of Lambs


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