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2/7  Kagurazaka [Iidabashi ] 

My "Nuovo cinema Paradiso"
 "Ginrei-Hall" and "Kasakuza", I saw how many movies.

 Since the university which went to school was located in Iidabashi, in this movie theater of two houses, it visited hundreds of times once.
[The movie theater of the kind of "Meigaza" is located in Japan. It is the movie theater which shows the movie which finished Road show public presentation with cheap admission fee money. ]

 A thing called the speed of "Time" is violent.

 From one's school days, while it was inattentive, the time of 20 years passed.

The place where "Kasakuza" existed once Present Kagurazaka

 It carried out to Kagurazaka (Iidabashi) after a long time.

 The town was changing.

 "Kasakuza" is lost and had disguised itself as the gamble place.
 90% of the Coffee shop often used for its school days was lost.

 There is already no coffee shop all through which we talked about the movie.


The coffee shop which has given up its business. The doll inside a show window. Expression is sad.
   Suddenly, the about 30cm hole was vacant on my breast, and the cold wintry wind wiped and fell out.

"FUJIYA" was still continued. This store is manufacturing and selling "Pekochan-Yaki." I often ate in my school days. I purchased instantly.
I often ate in my school days. I purchased instantly. I paid "Pekochan-Yaki" 2 piece price and told the salesman "Thank you." However, the salesman does not do even an answer.
 It came out outside the store, shouting "Foolish? Foolish? Foolish ? Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey Monkey !"

 --- A town changes and people also change. It changes and is natural. People who had a sword with pistol hair were loitering also around here up to before about in only 140years.
 Change rapidly freely. I do not flatter a" Time" but fulfill random life.


"Pekochan-Yaki" Cutting plane figure

  In order to ride and go home on an OhEdo line, it passes along a "Ginrei-Hall" front.
  Although the
Ginrei-Hall knew living one using the information from an acquaintance, since the good movie of a sense is applied as usual, it feels relieved.
 Plan called the "annual passport" here that it can come in any number of times for one year if 10,000 yen is paid is wonderful. It is a movie fan's ally.
 There is already "Kagurazaka of my youth" only in a
Ginrei-Hall .






2/17  Ebisu Garden Place

There is nothing (phenomenon) that educates me in this ground. There is completely nothing.


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2/1  Iwabuchi

 A Sumida-Gawa river is the branch of an Ara-Kawa river.When taking a walk the island the "Red sluice green tract of land" in Iwabuchi of the turning point, the monument "The monument of mowing" was discovered. I was impressed. It reports.
"Farmer soul is begun from mowing."

 When the account of the origin was read, it was being described that "All Japan mowing championships" was held with this background until it aged 1938 and was stopped by the influence of World War II for six years. (Was it earnest?)

 The name of the person considered to have built this monument is also minced, and its name was given to the uncanny thing as
"Mr. compost Yokoo." (It was earnest! )

Mow Mow!
Mow Mow! Mow!!
Mow Mow! Mow!! Mow!!!

Mow Mow! Mow!! Mow!!!



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