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1/5  Ikegami  Honmonji temple

........ My consciousness was recovered. The new year had come.

 The too much surrealism entertainment named "Reg wrestling " during watching games on television in New Year's Eve last year and "INOKI-BOM-BA-YE2002" was able to be shown.
 It was surprised, and was amazed, the end of burst-of-laughter hell and the pupil were spread, the frontal lobe exploded, the whole body became rigor mortis harder than a diamond, and I have been blown away to 68 dimensions.

 At last, it has returned to this world of ours.

 If it notices, it will already come out for five days. Well, it is determined to do also 2003 leisurely.

       12/31 of "incidents" is reported in front of Master Rikidozan's grave. (Tattling)

 JR Ueno station 3F concourse The shop front of a BOOK GARDEN bookstore

 The contents of a warning sentence of the bulletin board of a bookstore entrance "A shoplifter and a molester act are notified to the police."

 Molester?Molester in a bookstore!! ???.

This phenomenon is equivalent to a

* It freezes to death in the scene of a fire.

* It is Parliament and is "happy laugh".

* It is a corn extraction operation at a funeral.

* It is a birth meeting in a loach bath.

* A surgeon's dried food.

* Brezhnev of a stylish geisha girl figure.

* The bunny girl of Marine iguana.

* A sumo wrestler's formalin soaks specimen.

This is the corrupt world.

   Yotsuya  Fire Museum

 In the fire-fighting museum, plan exhibition is carried out about " quarrel of Me-Gumi" till February 16.

 The quarrel of a fireman group VS sumo wrestler about 200 years ago is drawn on ukiyoe. It is interesting.


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