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12/6  Akihabara

Neon shines. However, jazz cannot be heard.
                      [In the Akihabara electricity town of the evening

 "Machine poor race"
 I am also the one person.
 This homepage has not been uploaded by any means, unless Ogasawara was. I had even basic operation of a personal computer taught to Asakura.

When a floppy disk is kept put in and was rebooted in the personal computer, it did not even know becoming a thing strange something. But even if it carries out CD, putting in, what does not happen. It does not understand how is carried out.
 When I bought a personal computer for the first time and packing was loosened, it was printed by the wrapped plastic bag that it is foolish in "It may be suffocated if it wears." what to write large at the beginning of "please be sure to take out a floppy disk at the time of an end", and a description, if worried to such a thing ... I cannot understand at all.
The original title of "Blade Runner" is "whether Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? android looks at the dream of the cyber- sheep." For the present, about me, it will be "Only the dreams of the roasting whole sheep are looking at the anthropoid."

 Back to the subject.
 The E-mail arrived from Rustle Nagayama last week.
> Work of narration has been done.
> It is the narration of the video for advertisement of the new game software
> which is put on the market on December 5.
> It is the narration currently passed at the shop front of the store which
> sells game software.
> One is a name of "Daisenryaku VII."
> It is the simulation game which arranges a tank and a fighter and fights
> them personally on the battlefield.
> Another is RPG and the "Tir-nan-og III" to which a hero and a fairy
> venture.
> Seemingly both are quite famous games.
> It seems that there is also a store which is broadcasting grade narration
> for one month when it is Akihabara.
> Please hear it, if it may pass along the store front treating game software.

 Data of "DaisenryakuVII" handed from Nagayama.

"A class map will be carried, a map will be displayed by 3D, edit of an original production type will be attained, and unit displays will be 3D graphics."

They are things.

 Well, A decipherment is already more impossible than the language of the ethnic minority of Nicaragua.

  I am completely uninterested about PC game. However, Akihabara in December (not only in Akihabara but Japanese whole country) It is glad if a shout of Nagayama roars and crosses.

 The reader of this homepage checks to see the narration of Nagayama can be heard from the advertisement video of "the great war abbreviation DaisenryakuVII" and the"Tir-nan-og III", if it passes along a game software store front.


The Hideyo Noguchi bronze statue which keeps standing in snowstorm.
 First snow of the season fell to Tokyo.
 October 7 "summer does not finish. (29.4 degrees C) Only two months have passed since it was written as ". Has it digitized till a season?
 Furthermore, why is a bronze statue of understand interesting? Probably, it will be amusing only by the bird having stopped on the head why or snow lying.
 Is such sensitivity only me?
 An anthropoid is not known too much in many cases.


"Daichi" of a bronze statue which continues curving the body at the Ikebukuro station front.

   Nobody can win to a bronze statue.

12/25 Shinbasi (Shimbashi)

 "X'mas" is the mistake of "Xmas." This fundamental mistake continues in our country for 40 years or more. It is already even a rule thing of a certain kind.

If Japan has defeated the previous war (Pacific War).
Probably, character sequences, such as
"F'ujiyama Geisha",
"S'ukiyaki Kamikaze Konichiwa ",
and "B'anzaiYokozuna Baba Inoki"
were enlivening the town in the United States now.


 To "a sick person" and "an unhappy person", there is a present from us.

 The person corresponding to the above-mentioned conditions surely clicks the icon of a bell.



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