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12/21        Ueno-Koen Park


 Our homepage is introduced to the public from today.
Though it intended to upload in late March, it became the start of the delay for nine months.
 A reason is in the low brain of Yamazaki.
 Read it comfortably.

[ A photograph is Ueno park which is here with autumn advancing.]

12/29   JR Tokyo Station [Marunouchi]


 Now, in Tokyo MARUNOUCHI, the electric bulb decoration convention the "Tokyo Millenario" is held.
 There are two bronze statues in front of a JR Tokyo station MARUNOUCHI central exit. (Part of the ring of the yellow of a photograph) It witnesses that the pigeon is often on the head of a bronze statue.

 Although or is not known why, laughter wells up.


1/1       Shitaya

 [English Translation by idiot software]
       A Happy New Year.
      The following can't be translated.
      I am sorry.
      Forgive it.

                [ A photograph is Ueno Sitaya.Shrine.]

1/12      Shinobazu-no-Ike Pond

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When winter comes, a migratory bird comes to Ueno, Shinobazunoike-pond.
Recently, the sea bird came to show a figure, too.It seems to coexist with the pigeon, crow, sparrow, ducks as well who live from the first and who is stuck happily.
 I have something taught in the eyes of the lovely birds as a human being that every quarrel of the same seed isn't cut off.

  There is a good thing in the japanese old poetry[DODOITSU].

    Stop a quarrel when black of white whose it is good is better. The letter of white is written in black ink.


      [English Translation by idiot software]
      I have a cold.
  It will be restored soon!!

1/31    Kyobashi [National Film Center]


 Now, a project to say as "Grande retrospettiva del cinema italiano " is done in the National Film Center.
 I was doing carelessly, and I overlooked "Toto al giro d'Itaria".
 Someday, I want to enjoy the gangster movie "HUKEBA-TOBUYONA-OTOKODAGA" (starring Osami Nabe &Mako Midori) which YojiYamada made a movie director.
 It has ever been seen for more than 20 years in the past. As for the actress of the name of Mako Midori, is wonderful.


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