My heart was just a little calm. Something was remembered.
--- Is this "Nikai-zomeki" (note)? ---.
 It is it. Say early to smooth it. Create it, and such a thing is to make it enjoy "World Nikai-zomeki".

(note) "Nikai-zomeki" 
 One of the titles of the comic story which is classical Japanese public entertainments (story art).
 This story is concluded in about 1770.

 The rich father who was afraid of the thing that a son paid a daily visit to the amusement area creates an amusement area on the second floor of home, so, the strange story that it lets him play.

 It was understood. It goes into the fanciful world.

 It is trying to throw "Shuriken" to Negoro-ninja that Iga ninja fights in the Five-fold tower . [ Photo 1] (The inside is a Japanese clogs shop.) made in the size which is the same as the real thing five folds.Iga-ninja makes a mistake, and the part of the edge is taken, and it is in pain exaggeratedly.It missed its step with Negoro-ninja from the top of the roof as a result laughed at excessively. It falls, and goes with groaning "Be put! magic errand".
 An Italian man talks a sightseer's Japanese woman beside the leaning tower of Pisa [Photo 2] in the neighbor very much. It is struck with the handbag many times by his wife of one's weight 130Kg. A snake errand is making it dance twist in front of Taji Mahal [ Photo 3]CLICKto the snake. But, he is bitten on the arm by a cobra. It suffers, and a body is made crooked so that he himself may dance.It disguises itself as the woman, and the FBI tries to capture a criminal in front of the White House[Photo 4]CLICK in the decoy investigation.But, what does he disguise himself for? Even he himself doesn't know a reason.[Photo 5]CLICKSuddenly, Washington [  Photo6 ]falls with the saw and the branch of the tree from the sky.That man thinks why it is strange to fall.His father praises his act with stroking his head.It is 100 fire with Pygmy[Photo 7] group from the back of the artificial thick forest .the arrow which a vitamin drink[Photo 8] was spread on instead of the harm .But, all arrows put on the derby which has a pose in the V sign in front of Buckingham[Photo 9] palace, and it hits the back of the man [Photo 10]   who has the walking stick which put in one's mouth a cigar.Therefore Pygmy is scolded by an iron woman[Photo 11].CLICKThe African who put on his suit neatly deplores the image of "They are all the people who have a spear with the animal when Africa is said." at the foot of kilimanjaro.[Photo 12] It begins to make a speech the fatal defect of " Special theory of relativity"[Photo 13].Sightseer is eating the supper of the view " Sea tortoise steak cat flavor with iceberg" from the zero gravity restaurant of the space station[Photo 14] constructed in the midair .CLICK

・・・・・・It was in the still worthless reality when it woke up from the delusion.
Why did I become a un-humor?
 When it says with the word, it is lack of a feeling of 'A human being is really living in Odaiba.'.A sense that it is prepared and to think to be beautiful. The sense that it is managed and it is stifling.Two senses are made to the balance in the brain, and the latter becomes predominance overwhelmingly.Because there is no another thing like "an idea without an idea" in the advantage-less in other towns at all.
 If it thinks with amusement park, the whole of Odaiba is natural that the smell of the life, the conflict of the heart, a victor's tear, a loser's grudge, and so on can't be seen
 However, I don't like to be manipulated by "whom or someone who isn't understood"It is a virtual image after all even if it is produced cleverly though it seems to be the place where it is polished because a fund is invested luxuriously.Homeless and a prostitute and the private detective of the alcoholism aren't about to be able to live.It doesn't live on us as well.
 But, the people never feel what doubt, and they never get tired, and they never get tired, and laugh. Children romp about and seem to be happy

Pickled radish matches Odaibani very much.               [Map D]

------Should I give up?-----
 That will disappeared freely though the traditional preservation food "Takuan" which Japan was proud of in the world was made properties and it thought whether a "Odaiba smart yellow" photograph collection was intended to be taken.

[Map E] [Map F] [Map G] [Map D]

Though it died, Shogun Yamazaki didn't leave "Takuan" from the hand.

                [Map H]
A drowned body matches Tokyo bay well.

・・・・・・・ Let's come back. ・・・・ Let's come back to Yanaka that a stray cat fawns on even this me.Let's come back to Nezu which the old woman who didn't know even the name which it met for the first time began to tell the origin of the temple on.Let's come back to Fukagawa. Because, it is kind to the station employee of the subway.Let's come back to Waseda which the manager who tells Japanese-ization eagerly "Kimono dyed museum" is in.Let's come back to Sanya, Tamahime park..The man of Homeless told me "It can get Rice ball if it is here at 8 o'clock." ・・・・・・.

                                                        [Map I]

 My anger isn't calmed down in this. (a loser's howl).It is surely challenged to the revenge battle in which day. It is sworn, and I make it in "Odaiba" of our way at that time. It doesn't run away! (An underdog's howl)
  It is finished this time.


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