Part II

What happened? Muen-zakaSlope [unrelated slope].

  The slope of strange names, such as an "Muen-zaka Slope [unrelated slope]", a "Kurayami-zaka Slope [darkness slope]", a "Ijin-zaka Slope [foreigner slope]", and "Obake-kaidann Stails [bogy stairs]", is located in the area in Ikenohata, Nezu, and Yayoi.
  Although it is the actually performed ordinary way, then, the name of "the foolish homepage of a world 1" goes out of use.
 For the time being, only a few added the arrangement.

Muen-zaka Slope [Unrelated slope] Map A

                             "Muenzaka Slope [unrelated slope]All stars"

Kurayami-zaka Slope [Darkness slope] Map B

  "The Pig about which it worries" of the Kingdom of Thailand product which stands still at a slope.

Ijin-zaka Slope [Foreigner slope] Map C

                                    "Ijinzaka Slope [foreigner slope]All stars"

Obake-kaidan Stails [Bogy stairs] Map D

                   Obake-kaidann Stails [bogy stairs] / Hibari Misora state


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