Though KITAMURA's challenge hasn't borne any fruit, we welcome him at a riverside park near the Lighthouse. The picture 14 shows a strict vegetarian ASAKURA is forced to eat deep-fried liver, which is a specialty of Tsukuda-jima Island. (It's available at "A" and "B" points on the map. "A" shows the location of "HISAGO-YA" shop where this fried liver costs 120 yen, while "FURAI-NO-MAMI" on "B" sells one for 110 yen though.


About Tsukuda-jima Island.
Here, we often see the foreign travelers looking quzzically for the traditional Japanese houses that are on their guidebooks. Please remember it's not so easy to find Japanese traditional housings such as "TEN-
YASU"(photo14) even in this area now. The photo below shows contemporary Tsukuda-jima.
But if you want to visit some old places without deep expectation, SUMIYOSHI-JINJA shrine(photo
16) is recommended. Around this shrine, you will find a park with Japanese-style garden(photo17), the promenade along Sumida river(photo18), and some old wooden houses in places(photo19).

          14               15
            16             17              18              19

 Tsukuda-jima is surely changing day by day. They scrap old-fashioned wooden houses and build high-rise apartmens(photo 20). It may be natural to prefer a housing shown in (photo 22) to that of (photo 21), but I would live in a house with an old wooden exterior and it's interior excessively remodeled like Batman's secret base(photo 23).

 20  21  22 23

 While high-rise buildings don't make us curious about the people living in there, it's easy to
get acquainted with those of traditional wooden houses. I love to watch old women (like in photos
24,25,26,27) and cats(28,29,30) coming out from the alleys with low wooden houses on both sides.
 Of course they may not be such people. There can be a woman who has a black belt in judo, or a cat which is a robot with far more performance than well-known "AIBO", running 100m in 0.1 sec.,playing Chopin on the piano better than Maestro Arthur Rubinstein, entering the Pentagon's super computer systems illegally with a mobile computer. Anyways, it's fun to meet people in Tsukuda-jima and imagine what they really are .

24 25 26 27
28 29 30

 The cat(photo 30) is so brave to expose its face without any masking while people's eyes are masked to guard their privacy.


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