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                                                                                 [Photograph B]

            [Photograph B]
Takahasi just before emitting Ectoplasm.

 It can go for quiet tree-lined street[B] at the end of the south of Ueno park on about walking three minutes from the place to take pictures of this photograph [A].
 It is away in the straight line distance only about 200m.The place where an atmosphere changes like this is rare.
 A photography point is from the free rest station of "Ameyoko center building" 2F. (red arrow).

          Times Square (New York).

Ameyoko center building
Photography point.

 Ameyoko and Times Square of New York aren't to look alike when you see this photograph. Don't you look alike?
 It can't be said that they resemble each other certainly. In Ameyoko center building 1F, because an octopus is sold.
 Don't misunderstand. Which is not the ranking of the low rank excellently.
That answer is Ameyoko if it is decided which is forcibly greater.A sucker isn't attached to the discount ticket of Broadway to sell with Times Square.What branchial respiration does is impossible with Coke.A stomachache is hardly caused if Daisy Duck which you bought in Caracter goods shop is flown and it eats.Of course, it isn't delicious.The foot of the octopus is delicious, and nutritious.Therefore, Ameyoko is greater!Victory! victory!!victory!!
  I am in confusion if it wants what to insist on.
Anyway, it is the only free rest station with the rest station of Ameyoko center building 2F in this area which it looks at by overlooking the bustle of Ameyoko .

Octopus foot expansion photograph

Octopus foot super-expansion photograph.

Octopus foot super-super-expansion photograph.

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